McDonald’s Singapore Releases All-New Mala McShakers Fries & More On 31st December


  • McDonald’s will be releasing all-new Mala McShaker Fries.
  • Available in McSpicy Meal with Mala McShaker Fries for $8.
  • Available for ala carte at $3.50.
  • Breakfast McSavers is back with three selections.
  • New members of McDonald’s App are able to enjoy McSpicy for only $2.

Hello, friends! We are finally coming to the end of the year – and McDonald’s is ending the year on a spicy note. McDonald’s has always been the king of dropping new releases unexpectedly, and it is surely making December memorable with the latest seasonal offerings. From 31st December onwards, McDonald’s will be releasing all new Mala McShaker Fries and more!

McDonald’s Singapore Releases All-New Mala McShakers Fries

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s has recently announced that it will be offering Mala McShakers Fries in Singapore. The all-new McShaker is tossed in a blend of Szechuan peppercorns, chilli powder, and other umami spices to deliver that spicy and numbing goodness. With that said, make sure that you get your Coke ready! It will be available with McSpicy Meal with Mala McShaker Fries and a medium beverage, priced at $8. Too full for a meal? You can get it for ala carte $3.50, and Extra Value Meal for $0.70.

Breakfast McSavers From 4th January Onwards

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Additionally, McDonald’s is helping you to start your morning right for the brand new year. Introducing Breakfast McSaver Meal. Starting from 4th January, favourites such as Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin, and Chicken Muffin are going for $4.50. It comes with Hashbrown and a hot McCafe Premium Roast Coffee or tea! Available in selected delivery platforms.

McDonald’s App Is Your New Favourite Happy Place

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

We all know there are many exclusive deals available in McDonald’s app. Well, if you have yet to download the app, here’s a good reason to. New members will be rewarded with a welcome deal! Get $2 McSpicy with any purchase from the menu. In addition to this, McDonald’s App will be offering Mega Deals Festival with one for one McSpicy (4th to 6th January), Double Filet-O-Fish (4th to 6th January), and Breakfast McDeluxe (25th to 27th January).

Don’t Miss Out On Trying McDonald’s Latest Mala McShaker Fries & More

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

With so many great things happening at McDonald’s, it is time to celebrate at McDonald’s. Will you be up for the challenge – and try out the latest McShaker? It is time to tag spicy lovers in the comments to let them know about the good news! With 2020 coming to an end, we are excited to see new releases from McDonald’s for the upcoming year! See you in the next post.

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