KFC Singapore Is Offering 10 Pieces Of Fried Chicken For Only $18

Only $1.80 Per Piece

We have some superb news for KFC lovers! KFC Singapore is offering 10 pieces of fried chicken for only $18. This awesome KFC deal saves you almost 50% off from its normal price of $33.5. For a limited time only, this offer is available for takeaway and delivery at all outlets except KidZania and Zoo.

This promo is perfect if you can’t choose between original or hot & crispy fried chicken flavours, because you get to customize how many of each you want! (e.g. 3 original, 7 hot & crispy).

Get Discounted Add-Ons With This Promo

No KFC meal is complete without their famous mashed potatoes or fries! If you do order this promo, be sure to check out the discounted add-ons they offer at the bottom of the order page. 2 medium whipped potatoes at $4 is a steal (U.P $3.50 for one).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Limited time only.
  • Limited to 3 sets per order.
  • Delivery & Takeaway.
  • Available at all outlets except KFC KidZania & Singapore Zoo.
  • Each set includes 5 drumsticks/wings and mixture of other chicken parts.

To order, visit KFC SG website by clicking here.

Link(s): Instagram, Website

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