Arnold’s Fried Chicken In S’pore Currently Limited On Chicken Breast & Chicken Ribs From Today Onwards

Sad news today for all fried chicken lovers. Arnold’s Fried Chicken in Singapore is currently undergoing a shortage of chicken breast and chicken rib. With the chicken shortages in Singapore, it is no surprise this would occur, however, it is still sad nonetheless. Despite that, Arnold’s will continue to serve other chicken parts (wing, drum and thigh)! That being said, do expect this shortage to last for a while due to the current circumstances in Singapore.


Arnold’s Chicken Shortage

Photo: Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Facebook)

For the past two weeks, Arnold’s Fried Chicken has been updating the community regarding the stock of their chicken. For a while, it would seem that everything was going as per usual- however, it would seem that the chicken supply constraints are affecting them more than we thought. Yesterday, Arnold’s made a post regarding the situation. They mentioned that they would be running low on the Fried Chicken Breast and Fried Chicken Rib. The assumption is that availability for each outlet varies greatly.

Image: Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Facebook)

It would seem, however, that the community is completely understanding. Some even say that the shortage hardly affects them as those parts of the chicken are unappealing or that they are simply not a fan. There are also segments of the community that sing praises at Arnold’s transparency regarding the situation- overall making the last few hours an oddly wholesome spectacle.

Hurry And Get Your Fried Chickens Today!

While they are running a shortage, Arnold’s still has plenty of chicken wings, drums and thighs left for everyone- as well as serving some of the best Fried Chicken in Singapore! Do look out for any more updates on their Facebook page here for more updates regarding this situation.

Cover Photo: Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Facebook)

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