Jollibee S’pore Is Now Serving Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy & It Looks Pretty Legit


  • Jollibee Singapore offers Chickenjoy Nasi Lemak.
  • It comes with Chickenjoy, coconut rice, sambal, and ikan bilis.
  • The latest addition was announced on 1st October 2020.
  • Available for dine-in, takeaways, and food delivery.

There is nothing more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a piece of fried chicken. First, there’s the crunch. And then, there’s the juicy chicken meat. One of the best spots to satisfy your fried chicken cravings is none other than Jollibee. Pairing Chickenjoy with some spaghetti is always a treat. Here’s the good news, it is about to get a lot better!

Jollibee S’pore Is Now Serving Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy

Photo: Jollibee Singapore (Facebook)

Recently announced on its official social media platform, Jollibee Singapore is now offering Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy. It looks pretty legit, too! The latest Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy comes with sambal, ikan bilis, and of course, coconut rice. For Chickenjoy, you will be happy to know that you can choose from original or spicy for the flavour. What’s your pick?

Photo: Jollibee Singapore (Facebook)

This new offering is available at all outlets starting from 1st October 2020. Too lazy to head out? Get it via delivery partners such as GrabFood, foodpanda, and Deliveroo. The price starts at $5 (price varies) for a plate of Chickenjoy Nasi Lemak. Additionally, you can also opt for takeaways as well! For takeaways, feel free to check out this link:

It Looks Pretty Legit

Photo: Jollibee Singapore (Facebook)

Fried chicken is satisfying! But, when you add it with local flavours, it gets even better. Currently, there are other local spots that are offering nasi lemak and fried chicken combination! Have you tried it before? If yes, please do let us know your favourite spot in the comments! We are dreaming about a spoonful of coconut rice with fried chicken right on top! See you in the next post!

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