IKEA S’pore’s Newest Jumbo Hot Dog Is Twice The Size Of A Regular Sausage (Now Available)

Hello, friends! Not only IKEA is famous for its affordably priced furniture and household items, but it is known for its food as well. You will find all sorts of food that will tickle your tastebuds! It is all here, from Swedish meatballs to local cuisines. Let’s not forget about snacks and beverages like doughnuts, soy ice-cream, and Nordic beverages. And, of course, hot dogs.

Newest Jumbo Hot Dog Is Now Available At IKEA

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The Swedish brand is pretty well-known when it comes to creating food that is worth mentioning. Remember when it was Raya, and IKEA took the cake by creating ondeh-ondeh and pulut hitam cakes? Now, IKEA is introducing really looooooong hot dogs. The newest addition to its menu comes with regular-sized buns. It’s definitely one of the best creations ever.

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Unlike the normal hot dogs that IKEA is selling, Jumbo Hot Dog has been elevated. The new item is topped off with nacho cheese, spring onions, and garnished with fried onion bits. We are sure that it is going to be packed with flavours. Surprisingly, the price is not too bad. You can get one for yourself at the price of $2.50! It is a special offer, so it will be available until 27th October only.

Now until 27th October 2019

Photo: @melaniobulakenyo (Instagram)

Apart from this special offer, you can grab your hands on other offers available at IKEA. You can get a regular-sized hot dog for only $1 each, curry puffs for $5 for five pieces, and sugar donuts for $3 for four pieces. You can check out all the special offers right here. So, are you excited to try out Jumbo Hot Dog? It is definitely worth trying out.

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  • Jumbo Hot Dog is now available in IKEA.
  • Limited time only until 27th October 2019.
  • Topped with nacho cheese, spring onions, and fried onion bits.
  • Priced at $2.50 each.

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