IKEA Singapore Introduces Ondeh-Ondeh, Durian Chendol, & Pulut Hitam Cakes

Guys! We are another day closer to Hari Raya! Can you almost feel it? In our previous posts, we were talking a lot about ondeh-ondeh. It seems like it is the flavour of the year for this upcoming Raya. Remember that we have mentioned about Kit Kat rolling out ondeh-ondeh flavour that you can get on Lazada? Well, IKEA Singapore wants a slice of it! *badumtss*

Ondeh-Ondeh, Durian Chendol & Pulut Hitam Cakes From IKEA

Photo: IKEA Singapore

IKEA really knows how to bring the family together. This year, they are introducing three brand new flavours for a limited time only. You can get it now until 4th June 2019 only. So, if you want to try them, make sure to mark your calendars! Try out the cake with a slice for ondeh-ondeh, or buy the whole cake for your family to share. Here the prices for the cakes!

  • Ondeh-Ondeh | $3 for a slice, $39 for a 1.4-kilogram cake
  • D24 Durian Chendol | $49 for a 1.4-kilogram cake
  • Pulut Hitam | $45 for a 1.8-kilogram cake
Photo: IKEA Singapore

Show your IKEA Family card to get the cakes for a better price. Ondeh-Ondeh cake is made with airy pandan sponge that is soaked through with gula melaka. It is generously covered with coconut shavings. If ondeh-ondeh is your all-time favourite nyonya kuih, you cannot miss this! D24 Durian Chendol cake has a good durian flavour. You will be surprised to know that it has gula melaka in it too.

Photo: IKEA Singapore

Pulut Hitam cake is definitely something special. The cake comes in the most striking colour, so it is a perfect centerpiece for your dining table. Made with a good amount of glutinous rice, without a doubt, this is going to be the most filling cake in the whole lot. The icing is made out of coconut creamy. Yes, please! We would like a slice of that!

What’s your pick?

The food creation is getting better and better for this upcoming Raya! We cannot wait to try out everything ondeh-ondeh! Have you tried out King’s Signature Potong’s ondeh-ondeh flavour ice-cream? It’s one of their best creations ever. Anyway, don’t forget to head down to IKEA to buy yourself some cakes, and furniture, if you need any. See you in the next post!

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