Ondeh-Ondeh Ice Cream Flavour By Potong Is Now Available In Singapore

Hey, fam! We are no strangers to Potong ice-cream. After all, they have many classic flavours that we are in love with. As Hari Raya is coming up, Ondeh-Ondeh Ice Cream Flavour By Potong Is Now Available In Singapore. Honestly, the brand new release looks pretty amazing and it is the perfect remedy to our hot weather on the island.

Ondeh-Ondeh Ice Cream Flavour By Potong

Photo: @kingspotongmy (Instagram)

Okay, what are we going to have for our rumah terbuka? Let’s start off with some good chocolate chip cookies, honey cornflakes Kit Kat, and ending it with some sweet and cold ondeh-ondeh ice cream. Surely, it is going make your rumah terbuka a memorable one. Are we ready to sink our teeth into these ice cream? But, how does it taste like?

Photo: @miracikcit (Instagram)

Well, it is made out of coconut and pandan flavoured ice cream on the outer layer. It comes with a light green colour! In the inside, it is a sweet surprise of gula melaka flavoured filling, and grated coconut shavings. To be honest, that sounds really good. You can get it as a single serve, or prepare for your rumah terbuka by getting a multipack of six!

Now Available In Singapore

Photo: @ajwinajeera (Instagram)

It was also launched in Malaysia, and many Malaysians are loving this unconventional ice cream flavour. You can get it in all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets. The prices for this brand new flavour is $1.20 for a single serve, and $6.90 for a multipack of six serves. What do you think of this flavour? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments!


Item: King’s Potong Signature Ondeh-Ondeh Ice Cream

Where To Get It: Major supermarkets and hypermarkets

Price: Single serve for $1.20, Multipack for $6.90

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