This Spot At Hong Lim Food Centre Draws Crowds For Their Handmade Fishballs And Meatballs Daily!

Fans of fishball noodles, rejoice. Nowadays, it’s hard to find stores that hand-make their fishballs and meatballs but fret not, Hong Xing Handmade Fishball & Meatball Noodle at Hong Lim Food Centre is the place to go. This store serves up hundreds of bowls of noodles every day, with long snaking queues from the moment they open. Let’s find out why!


Popular Handmade Fishballs & Meatballs At Chinatown

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Serving up handmade fishballs and meatballs daily, Hong Xing is certainly a rare gem. A popular stall at Hong Lim Food Centre, they also have another outlet, located at Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre. Their menu is simple and concise, featuring dishes like Fishball Noodles (dry/soup), Fishball Kway Teow Mee (dry/soup) and Fishball Soup ($5.50) that allow their fishballs and meatballs to shine.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Their most popular menu item is their dry Fishball Noodles, served with mee pok and a bowl of soup containing their handmade fishballs and meatballs. Choose from three price points – $4.50, $5.50 and $6.50.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

The Fishball Noodles ($4.50) are served perfectly cooked – al dente and just the right amount of springiness. The chilli at the bottom is fragrant and slightly spicy, good for those who want just a bit of kick in their noodles. Big pieces of pork lard are generously sprinkled on top, and the contrasting textures of the firm noodles and crispy pork lard pieces are delightful.

Image: Singapore Foodie
Photo: Singapore Foodie

The soup consists of three meatballs and fishballs each. Lighter and springer than your typical fishballs, they have a pleasant fish flavour without being too overpowering. The star of the show, however, are no doubt the meatballs. From the incredible amount of bounciness and flavour in them, it is clearly evident that they are handmade.

Each ball of meaty goodness is so soft and smooth that it’s no wonder that they attract queues daily! As for the soup, it is refreshing and light on the palate, complimenting the heavier mee pok.

Head Down To Hong Xing Handmade Fishball & Meatball Noodle Today!

If you think that fishball noodles couldn’t get any better, this spot would definitely change your mind. Hurry down for a taste today!

Address: 531A Upper Cross St #02-30, Hong Lim Food Centre, Singapore 051531

Operating Hours: Daily. except for Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie


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