Hammee’s Now Serves Excellent Nasi Ayam Goreng With Thick Fried Chicken

Hammee’s, a homegrown cheeseburger brand, was an affordable place for locals to satisfy their cheeseburger cravings. Started in 2018, Hammee’s has created different types of burgers including classic beef cheeseburger, crispy fried chicken burger, and even fish burger with an entire fillet as a patty. After assembling so many burgers, Hammee’s has taken another route, and it is now serving nasi ayam goreng.

Hammee’s Now Serves Excellent Traditional Nasi Ayam Goreng


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Can a burger joint make excellent plates of nasi ayam goreng? Yes, they can. After experimenting for more than six months, Hammee’s proudly introduced their latest creation in March, and it was very well received by many. Inspired by the tastes of old-school Malay-inspired style fried chicken rice that the owner had, every component of the plate is homemade.


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There are different components that are combined together. Kicking it off with the star of the show, the fried chicken. Using a whole chicken leg, the chicken is marinated to the bone with a unique blend of spices. With the right ratio of flour, water, and spices, every piece of fried chicken is guaranteed to be crispy, juicy, and tender. While creating the sambal, Hammee’s wanted to make sure that it is so good, you can eat it on its own.


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Ground from fresh ingredients, Hammee’s made sure that the sambal is a little chunky. Remember to do a solo taste test before combining everything together. Interestingly, there are two rice options to choose from. Pick either chicken rice that is made with chicken bone broth, or coconut rice, made with fresh coconut milk. Those who had tried it loved the coconut rice. A plate is priced at $4.50, and an egg would be an additional $0.80.

Find It At 31 Commonwealth Crescent Market


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Address: 31 Commonwealth Crescent Market,Ā #02-93 Singapore 149644

Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday and Tuesday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Cover Photo: @hammees_sg (Instagram), @mian.addict (Instagram).

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