Chicken Rice Stall At Clementi Gives Free Nasi Lemak To Food Delivery Riders During CB

When most of us are staying at home, food delivery riders are working around the clock to make sure that food is delivered to us on time! Without a doubt, that can be very exhausting. Imagine being on the road and under the sun for more than eight hours per day. That’s why it is always important to treat everyone with kindness. Here’s one story that will definitely brighten up your day!


Chicken Rice Stall At Clementi Gives Free Nasi Lemak

Photo: Clementi Hong Kee Villa (Facebook)
Photo: Clementi Hong Kee Villa (Facebook)

Hong Kee Villa, one of the many hawker stalls in Clementi has started a wonderful initiative. Taking in mind that food delivery partners have a busy schedule, and may forget to eat at times, the humble chicken rice stall is now offering free meals and beverages to food delivery partners. Despite being a small eatery, Hong Kee Villa offers approximately 40 to 50 meals per day.

Photo: Clementi Hong Kee Villa

As Hong Kee Villa offers Non-Halal food, the owners behind the chicken rice stall has taken an additional step to offer Halal food. The meals consist of a local favourite dish, Nasi Lemak, and bottled water. Due to the hot weather, Hong Kee Villa even prepared an icebox to ensure that the bottled waters are cold. There are no words to describe how wholesome it is.

Photo: Lianhe Wanbao (Facebook)

It is not the first time Hong Kee Villa prepared meals for food delivery partners. During the first phase of Circuit Breaker, Hong Kee Villa has already rolled out this heartwarming initiative. Through this initiative, the owners hope to show support and appreciation towards the hardworking food delivery partners. Adding on to this, Hong Kee Villa hopes that others would join in the initiative during this challenging time, too.

Kudos To Hong Kee Villa For This Wholesome Initiative

Address: 448 Clementi Ave 3, 01-25, Singapore 120448

Operating Hours: Daily, 10:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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