Gong Cha Releases New Ikura Matcha Latte Only Available On April 1!

Attention all bubble tea lovers, have some news for you! Gong Cha has just recently announced a rather peculiar item called the Ikura Matcha Latte only available on April 1! Come and try this odd combo when it comes out, who knows it might be amazing!

Gong Cha’s New Ikura Matcha Latte

Photo: @tabi_sato_ (Instagram)

This new drink features their signature Matcha flavoured latte, creamy and rich with earthy and fresh undertones. Something commonly ordered by their regulars! What is not common, however, is their addition of Ikura, which as some of you may know, is Salmon Caviar.

They claim that this drink is the perfect medley of sweet and savoury! Something not entirely unheard of as a lot of dishes and drinks has such a combo. But this seems completely out of nowhere! Only one way to find out, and that is to try it yourselves!

Image: @gongchasgofficial (Instagram)

It is safe to say that this could either be a delightful surprise or a funny prank pulled on Gong Cha lovers with the arrival of April 1. Gong Cha posted something mysterious on Instagram four days ago. Perhaps this announcement is related to this new release?

Come Down On April 1st And Give It A Try!

While it is said this would only be available for a limited time, there is a chance that this might be an April Fools Day prank! only one way to find out. Come down to your nearest Gong Cha outlet on April 1! Check out Gong Cha’s Instagram and Facebook for more updates!

Cover Photo: @tabi_sato_ (Instagram), @gongchasgofficial (Instagram)

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