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Rare Blue Moon Phenomenon Taking Place For One Night Only On 31st Oct

A Halloween Blue Moon!

Ghostly greetings! Looks like our fellow werewolf friends will be extra snippy this year. As it turns out, you can see the full Blue Moon throughout this year’s Halloween night, right here in Singapore. But don’t get it wrong, it won’t be blue in colour. It’s just another cute name that we give to the moon.

blue moon halloween
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Halloween Blue Moon Happening Once Every 19 Years

halloween blue moon
Photo: @Metro (Facebook)

As long as the sky is clear, the whole world will be able to witness the upcoming full blue moon! But of course, that’s not the only reason why people are buzzing about this particular phenomenon. Apparently, it takes 19 years to wait for a blue moon to illuminate another Halloween night. Now that’s spooky! So don’t forget to open up your windows on the 31st October 2020 (Saturday) for a supernatural moon bath of the decade.

What’s A Blue Moon?

blue moon Halloween
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We often heard of the term “once in a blue moon”, but where did it come from? A blue moon occurs when two full moons appear in a single month. This is a rare occurrence that happens roughly every 2 – 3 years. Hence the phrase “once in a blue moon”. Another older definition for a blue moon is that it will occur when you get four full moons in three months (or within a whole season). So the third full moon is called the blue moon. Haha.. Confused yet?

But Why Is It Called ‘Blue’?

It is widely agreed that the blue moon got its contemporary name from the Farmer’s Almanac. The term “blue moon” has been around for 400 years though. So there’s a whole lot of theory going around this popular full moon’s name.

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