Famous Taiwanese Fong Sheng Hao To Open 2nd Outlet At NEX Shopping Mall

Hello, foodie! It’s Thursday and we know, it’s only 2 days away from the weekend. While the wonderful feelings start to take over the body and mind, we’ve got another exciting news to spread. First opened it’s doors in Singapore one year ago, you’ll be delighted to know they’re opening another new outlet! A joyous place filled with happy people, it is none other than at NEX Shopping Mall!

Fong Sheng Hao To Open 2nd Outlet At NEX Shopping Mall

Photo: @fongshenghaosg (Instagram)

When it comes to char-grilled toasts packed with savoury meats and veggies, it’s hard to miss out on Fong Sheng Hao. Not to forget about their creamy milk tea which is said to be one of the top must-tries here. Originating from Taiwan, it all started at Taipei’s largest and most popular Shilin Market. And now, they are extending the market and are expecting to open a new outlet at NEX Shopping Mall.

Photo: @fongshenghaosg (Instagram)

Posted on 7th September, Fong Sheng Hao announced that they will be opening a new outlet. While the post comes with a mosaic photo, many netizens are speculating that it looks like NEX Shopping Mall. Additionally, it happens that they even hinted in their text by saying ‘NEXt Chapter, are you ready for us’. So, what do you thinking? It’s quite obvious, right?

Are You Excited For Their 2nd Outlet In Singapore?

Photo: @fongshenghaosg (Instagram)

Truly happy about their new outlet, are you excited about this? Most popular for their signature Taiwanese breakfast and brunch, did you know that the first outlet in Singapore was their first outside of Taiwan? Nevertheless, what are your favourites at Fong Sheng Hao? Let us know in the comment section and see you in the next post!

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