Changi Nasi Lemak Known For Pairing It With One Of The Best Chilli – Legendary Changi Chilli in S’pore

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If you live in Singapore and you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Changi Nasi Lemak. Known for its fragrant coconut rice and a mouth-watering chilli that has attained legendary status among foodies in Singapore, its name carries weight in the culinary world – and when we tried it, it certainly blew us away!


Before we get into the food, though, here’s some context about the history of the stall. Established in the 1970s, Changi Nasi Lemak has been serving authentic Chinese-style nasi lemak for decades. That means it’s been around longer than most of you reading this article have been alive! The stall was originally situated in the Changi area – hence the name Changi Nasi Lemak – but it’s since moved to its Bukit Batok location after taking a break from the business for a while. 

Never fear, though – despite the move and the break, the original Changi Nasi Lemak recipe is still being used. The taste of tradition is back and better than ever, and to appeal to a younger audience, they’ve even integrated a few modern twists into their side dish options!

Speaking of options, Changi Nasi Lemak offers a wide variety of menu choices. If you’re ordering from home or the office, you can choose from 9 set meal options! Order from Grabfood or Foodpanda, or even directly from their website, to enjoy your food right where you’re sitting. If you go down to their stall, though, you’ll be able to pick and choose your side dishes like you do when you order any other nasi lemak – and besides, you get about 20% off of the delivery price as well!

1. Spicy Thigh Cutlet (McSpicy-Inspired) Set Meal

Remember what we were saying about modern twists? Well, this is just one of Changi Nasi Lemak’s new creations to align their brand with the tastes of today. On top of their signature fragrant, fluffy coconut rice and gold-standard chilli (and all the other delicious side dishes that come in nasi lemak, like a scrumptious sunny-side-up egg and crispy ikan bilis), you get a premium golden fish fillet and of course, the star of the show: a hot, crispy, McSpicy-inspired chicken cutlet.

The thigh cutlet steams as you cut it open, and every bite is gloriously juicy and tender, the spiciness spreading over your tongue as you eat. If you’re a McSpicy fan, you won’t want to miss trying this – it’s utterly delicious, and while it’s not as thick as the McDonald’s patty, it’s extremely satisfying! Try it with a mouthful of the rice – which is aromatic, flavoured with just the right amount of coconut, and absolutely delectable – and you’ll find yourself scarfing down the entire meal within minutes. 


And that’s not forgetting the chilli. Made with shallots and ikan bilis instead of dried shrimp, there’s both a fresh sweetness and a richness to it that makes it stand out among the usual sambal chilli offerings most nasi lemak stalls pair with their rice. Its unique flavour brings out the coconut fragrance in the rice; it’s truly a match made in heaven.

We weren’t surprised at all by how good it tasted – such is the power of the most sought-after chilli in Singapore! According to the stall owners, all ingredients are fresh and carefully handpicked by the founders themselves. No wonder it has such a rich and refined flavour.

This isn’t the only set meal with a modern twist – Changi Nasi Lemak also offers a set meal that includes deep-fried Mala fish, and we highly suggest you check that out, too!


2. Changi Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken Set Meal

Let’s take a step back from the modernised dishes for a bit and settle down to try the more traditional meals Changi Nasi Lemak is known for. And who doesn’t love a good curry chicken? We certainly do. 

Aside from the usual side dishes (although take note that the ikan bilis and peanuts pictured in our photos are only included with delivery!), Changi Nasi Lemak’s curry chicken set meal comes with a huge drumstick, which is so tender the meat practically falls off the bone. The curry is aromatic, but mild enough not to overwhelm the taste of the already rich rice. Mix it into the rice along with the chilli, take a bite of the chicken, and your mouth fills with flavour. 


That is to say – if you ever happen to be craving both curry chicken and nasi lemak, why not give this set a try?

3. Changi Nasi Lemak Braised Pork Set Meal

If you don’t feel like chicken, what about pork for a change? This braised pork set meal boasts a generous slice of pork belly, braised to perfection, and so delicate that it melts in your mouth – both the meat and the fat, but especially the fat. 

The sauce has a well-rounded flavour, not tasting too strongly of spices, and is, like the curry in the curry chicken set, a lovely mild complement to the rice. 

Just thinking about it again has our mouths watering.

4. Changi Nasi Lemak Classic Set Meal

Finally, here’s an oldie but a goldie – this set meal is a timeless classic, the quintessential nasi lemak experience your grandparents and parents would probably have enjoyed “back in the day”. The chicken wing is generously battered and minimally greasy while still gloriously golden-brown, and the thick premium fish fillet has a good, satisfying bite to it. 

Again, it’s a first-rate nasi lemak, and if you, for some reason, have never had nasi lemak, this would be an excellent first one to try!

Serving you both tradition and modernity on a platter, Changi Nasi Lemak is a top-notch choice if you’re looking to have nasi lemak – and an excellent choice for a meal in general. 

Won’t you take us at our word and give it a try?

Islandwide Delivery available via Changi Nasi Lemak’s website!

Changi Nasi Lemak

Address: 183 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04, Singapore 574429

Operating Hours: 11AM – 9PM, Tuesday – Sunday

Delivery Options: Grabfood, Foodpanda, Islandwide Delivery Available via

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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