Famous Japanese Fast Food Unagi Chain, Unatoto, Opening Its First Outlet In Singapore on 25 Jan 2023!

If you’ve not yet heard, Japanese fast food unagi chain, Unatoto will be opening its first outlet in Singapore at Tanjong Pagar come end of January! The one and only fast-food unagi restaurant in Japan, this giant brand is well-known for pocket-friendly prices and quick service that ensures all customers leave their stores satisfied and smiling.


Unatoto To Open Its First Outlet In Singapore On 25 Jan 2023

Photo: @unatoto_sg (Instagram)

Unatoto has nearly a hundred outlets in Japan and has expanded to other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Photo: @unatoto_sg (Instagram)

Best enjoyed as fillets that have been dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based marinade before being cooked on a grill, the unagi is a beloved Japanese eel dish that is highly specialised and extremely difficult to nail.

Unadons, Skewers, And Other Japanese Classics At Pocket-Friendly Prices!

Photo: @unatoto_sg (Instagram)

For perfectly seasoned and prepared bowls of unagi, opt for their signature Unadon ($9.50). This dish features the belly of the eel with rice and is joined by other don dishes such as Unadon Double($14.50), Unajyu Regular ($12), Unajyu Large ($20), and Unagi Tempura Don ($15).

For those just dropping by for a quick bite to satisfy your Japanese cravings, sides such as the Unagi Skewer with Green Onions (S$3.80), Marinated Deep-Fried Unagi Namban Pickles (S$4), Aburi Unagi Salmon Sushi Roll (S$12.80) and Unagi Liver with Ponzu (S$3.50) are also available!

Non-unagi dishes like the Chicken and Egg Don (S$8.50), Salmon Ikura Don (S$18) , and Teriyaki Chicken Don (S$8.50) can be found on the extensive menu.

Photo: @unatoto_sg (Instagram)

Drop by for a yummy and affordable weekday lunch when Unatoto officially opens its doors on 25 Jan 2023!

Address: 7 Wallich Street, Guoco Tower, #B1-03, Singapore 078884

Cover Photo: Unatoto Singapore, @unatoto_sg (Instagram)

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