FairPrice Xtra China Fair Returns Till May 29 Featuring Popular Chinese Snacks, Beverages And More!

Exciting news for fans of Chinese snacks! FairPrice Xtra is bringing back its popular China Fair, featuring a variety of exclusive and trending snacks from China. Available exclusively at all FairPrice Xtra outlets till May 29, look forward to a specially curated range of popular and affordable Chinese snacks, beverages, condiments, and more!


FairPrice Xtra China Fair Returns Till May 29

Enjoy a wide variety of ready-to-eat and instant-cook foods, seasoning powders, and flavouring pastes, along with a range of China-exclusive flavours of well-known international snacks and bites.

FairPrice Xtra China Fair 2024 Highlights 

1. Luckin Coffee

  • Cold Brew Instant Coffee ($9.90)
  • Cold Brew Coconut Instant Coffee ($10.90)

2. Zhihaiguo

  • Taiwanese Braised Pork Claypot Rice Self-Heating Pot ($4.50)

3. Yummy Kosmo

  • Ready-To-Eat Italian Bolognese ($3.50)
  • Ready-To-Eat Neapolitan Spicy Tomato Sausage ($3.50)
  • Ready-To-Eat French Creamy Black Truffle Bacon ($3.50)

4. You Chen


  • Black Rice Bread ($5.45)
  • Chicken Floss Bread ($11.90)
  • Chicken Floss Seaweed ($6.90)

5. Yang Guo Fu

  • Spicy Hotpot Seasoning (2 for $3.45)
  • Tomato Hotpot Seasoning (2 for $3.45)
  • Tom Yum Hotpot Seasoning (2 for $3.45)

6. Hua Chang 

  • Five Spices Air fryer Seasoning Powder ($2.75)
  • Hot & Spicy Air fryer Seasoning Powder ($2.75)
  • Salt & Pepper Air fryer Seasoning Powder ($2.75)

7. Lay’s Potato Chips


  • Hot & Spicy Smelly Tofu (2 for $3.75)
  • Hot & Spicy La Tiao (2 for $3.75)

8. Xi Ying Ying

  • Cuttlefish Chips Truffle ($3.60)

9. Want Want Senbei

  • Soy Flavour ($2.50)
  • Soy Sauce Flavour ($2.50)
  • Milk Ball ($2.50)

10. Ling Ling Guo

  • Grape Jasmine Tea ($4.05)

  • Orange Jasmine Tea ($4.05)

  • Pineapple Peach Oolong Tea ($4.05)

  • Pomegranate Fruit Tea ($4.05)

11. Shuang Lu Shuang

  • Rice Dessert Assorted Flavours ($2.50)

12. Kai Ji Treasure Tea

  • Chrysanthemum Tea ($2.15)

  • Fruit Tea ($2.15)

  • Long Jin Tea ($2.15)

  • Daily Tea ($2.15)

Hurry down to your nearest FairPrice Xtra outlet today! 

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