BREAKING: FairPrice Singapore Placing Purchase Limits On Essential Items (Toilet Paper, Instant Noodles & More)

Measures To Prevent Stockpiling At FairPrice!

In light of Malaysia’s recent announcement on its nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it has sparked some anxiety amongst us Singaporeans. This has caused many Singaporeans to flock to the supermarkets to purchase large amounts of essential items. Therefore, FairPrice has imposed a purchase limit on essential goods that each customer can buy.

Dear FairPrice Customers…

After Malaysia’s lockdown measures were announced, it seemed to have sparked an adequate amount of anxiety amongst Singaporeans. Hence, the long queues and huge crowds are sighted at local supermarkets.

And of course, the kiasu Singaporeans are flocking to FairPrice in hopes to purchase and stock up as many necessities and food as possible.

Photo: A sign at FairPrice @ Our Tampines Hub by Tan Guan Zhen

However, it seems that FairPrice will be putting a halt to Singaporeans’ impulsive stockpiling.

A sign has been put up around FairPrice outlets encouraging shoppers to only “but only what they need and not to stockpile”.

Purchase limits:

  • Paper products (toilet paper, facial tissues, kitchen towels) – 4 units/customers
  • Instant noodles and pasta – 2 units/customer
  • Rice – 2 bags/customer
  • Eggs – 3 trays of 10 eggs or 1 tray of 30 eggs per customer
  • Vegetables – $30/customer
  • Fresh poultry – $30/customer

FairPrice’s New Purchase Limits Policy!

Photo: @fairpricesg (Instagram)

As compared to the previous purchase limits, the current one is more extensive. In particular, not only does this prevent stockpile, but it also makes sure that more customers have access to various essential items.

Therefore stay calm, and buy responsibly. Last but not least, we urge you to remember to stay safe my fellow Singaporeans!

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