FairPrice Offers Sakura-Themed Oreos With Sakura Strawberry & Sour Plum Creams For $1.95

Now, we know that there are a lot of different flavours for Oreos. Depending on the countries, you will be able to find different flavours including Caramel & Apple, Key Lime Pie, Jelly Donut, and PB & Jam. Can’t wait to try out all of them? Here’s another one that you need to add to your list. You don’t need to be finding ways to go to Japan, just take a quick trip to FairPrice for the latest sakura-themed Oreos!

FairPrice Offers Sakura-Themed Oreos

Photo: @xoaieating (Instagram)
Photo: @xoaieating (Instagram)

Sakura season is here! Did you know? Some parts of Japan have sakura as early as January, while other parts will start to bloom as late as May. In Singapore, sakura season starts with Gardens by the Bay is decked with gorgeous sakuras. At the moment, we can’t make our way to Gardens by the Bay, but you can tag along with the sakura vibes at FairPrice.

Photo: @xoaieating (Instagram)
Photo: @xoaieating (Instagram)

Happening for a limited time only, FairPrice carries limited edition sakura-themed Oreos. The packaging can be easily spotted with light hues of pink and green. These imported treats have cookies made out of the same colours, too! We are intrigued by the foreign flavours, Sakura Strawberry and Sour Plum. Remember to snap one for the ‘gram before trying it out!

Promotion Available Until 27th May 2021

Photo: @xoaieating (Instagram)
Photo: @xoaieating (Instagram)

As part of the promotion, the price is $1.95 until 27th May. The usual price is $2.50. This deal is only available at certain FairPrice outlets. So, if you are making your way to FairPrice for some grocery shopping, remember to get your hands on some of these! After all, working from home feels better when there are some snacks! Do you agree? See you in the next post!

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