FairPrice Singapore Adjusted Purchasing Limits on Paper Products, Canned Food, Cooking Oil & More

Cooking Oil, Canned Food, And Frozen Poultry Added To The List

Previously, FairPrice shoppers were updated with the pre-existing purchasing limits news. However, FairPrice Singapore has just adjusted the shopping cap list. Besides lowering paper product limits, additional cooking oil, canned food, and frozen poultry have been added. You can read on to find out more.

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Adjusts To FairPrice’s Existing Purchasing Limits

FairPrice has just adjusted their pre-existing shopping cap list. Previously, you were allowed to purchase 4 paper products such as toilet paper, tissue paper, and kitchen towels. However, from now onwards, shoppers will only be allowed to purchase 2 packs of paper products instead.

In addition to that, there is new items added to FairPrice’s shopping cap list. Previously there were no limits. But now, you can only purchase six cans of canned products, five liters of cooking oil and $30 of frozen poultry.

New FairPrice Purchase Limits Valid From 27th March


However, fret not as the purchasing limits for noodles, rice, eggs, fresh poultry, and vegetables remain the same.

Here is the new and updated purchasing limits list for reference. Remember to stay safe, and stay inside if you can.

– Paper products: 2 packs (toilet paper, facial tissues, kitchen towels)

– Instant noodles/pasta: 2 packs

– Rice: 10kg

– Vegetables: $30

– Fresh, frozen & processed poultry: $30

– Eggs: 3 packs of 10/1 tray of 30

– Canned products: 6 cans (choice of meat, fish or vegetables)

– Cooking oil: 5 litres

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