Don Don Donki S’pore Releases NEW Wagyu Skewers For $4.90 Exclusively At Their 100 AM Mall Outlet!

You may or may not have heard of Don Don Donki’s viral Wagyu Kushi skewers across Malaysia. The sizzling tender goodness has been a huge hit and many here in Singapore are envious. Well, from today onwards, you can see what all the hype is about! Don Don Donki Singapore has released their Wagyu Kushi skewers at their Tanjong Pagar 100 AM outlet! Hurry and try it today!

Wagyu Kushi At 100 AM Outlet

Photo: @donkisg (Instagram)

Wagyu is an extremely popular item currently but oftentimes is far too expensive! Luckily, you can enjoy it at the 100 AM mall at Tanjong Pagar! These skewers go for $4.90 a piece and $8.90 for two pieces! This item is available from 10am to 7pm daily. While it can be a bit pricey, do note that it is 100% Wagyu beef source from Kagoshima Prefecture! Such quality is definitely worth its price.

Image: Don Don Donki Singapore (Facebook)

This item can be found in their Japan Mobile Foods section, which also features many other traditional Japanese street food! Also, this item will be made available at their Orchard Central branch by the end of June! The skewers themselves have a smokey fragrance and have a nice char. The meat is what you expect from Wagyu- tender and juicy! This is a must-try for all meat lovers!

Hurry Down To Don Don Donki At 100 AM Today

Do note that this item has already been trending for weeks now, therefore many patrons will be rushing to get theirs. With there being only one outlet, the Wagyu Kushi skewers will run out fast so head down there asap! If you’re lucky, you can enjoy this amazing treat!

Cover Photo: Don Don Donki Singapore (Facebook), @donkisg (Instagram)

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