Chinese New Year Bazaar At Chinatown In Singapore Has Been Cancelled Due To Pandemic


  • Chinese New Year Bazaar at Chinatown has been canceled for the upcoming year.
  • This is due to the ongoing global pandemic.
  • Vendors are highly affected by the cancellation.
  • In 2020, it welcomed more than 900,000 visitors.

Hello, friends! We are genuinely excited that Christmas is just around the corner. It appears that many places will be lighting up for the joyous occasion including Orchard Road, and Gardens by the Bay. Apart from physically lighting up, people from around the world can also enjoy the festive lights via virtual tours. Despite the ongoing Christmas celebration, the Chinese New Year Bazaar will be canceled.

Chinese New Year Bazaar At Chinatown Canceled

Photo: @magpie_views (Instagram)

As reported by The Straits Times, the annual Chinese New Year Bazaar at Chinatown will not be happening next year. Due to the global pandemic, the organisers of the bazaar are worried about effectively controlling the crowd. Before making this decision, the organisers have been brainstorming multiple ways to keep it going, but were not able to find the ideal solution.

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Naturally, many vendors for the Chinese New Year Bazaar are affected by the decision. They are looking forward to the bazaar after a year full of hardships due to the pandemic. Most of the vendors have been selling goods at the bazaar since its establishment in 1989. As most of these vendors are from the older generation and strong competition, they are not capable of selling goods online.

It Has Been Around For More Than Two Decades

Photo: @cary_chuah (Instagram)

Chinese New Year Bazaar has been around for more than two decades, and it is one of the most highly anticipated bazaars in Singapore. In 2020, more than 300 stalls participated in the bazaar, stretching from Pagoda, Smith, Temple, and Terengganu streets. It has welcomed more than 900,000 within the same year. What are your thoughts regarding the cancellation? Let us know in the comments!

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