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Changi Airport T4 Has Exciting 200-Meter Go-Kart Track At $15 Per Adult

Fun Is Here!

Hey there guys! Since we’re heading to yet another weekend, have you guys got your weekend planned out? In case you’re still looking for some adventure, then we have news. Our beloved Changi Airport now has a 200-meter Go-Kart that guarantees an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Keep reading to find out more about the fun you can find here!

Changi Airport T4 Transforms Into A Dino-Themed Funland

Previously, over at T3, our airport has glamping tents that overlook the iconic rain vortex, and let’s admit, we were all blown away. If you think that our airport’s creativity has been entirely stretched out, then you’re wrong. Because this time, the T4 taxi bay has been transformed into a Go-Kart track.

Changi Airport Dino Carnival
Photo: @changiairport (Instagram)

Set up yesterday, the T4 now has a dinosaur theme section which includes fun elements like the Dino Kart, Dino Bounce as well as a dinosaur-themed market!

Race Your Buddies At The Dino Kart

The Dino Kart essentially has a 200-meter long track with exciting bends and colourful neon lights. So if you’ve always wanted to race your buddies, this will be a fun thing to do! As for the entrance fee, it is $15 per adult while for children, it is $12. For more info, click here.

Changi Airport Dino Carnival
Photo: @changiairport (Instagram)

Bounce Away At Dino Bounce

Now you must be thinking, what other fun activities around for the little ones right? Well, there’s the Dino Bounce that lets channel your inner roar and bounce off on the massive dino-themed Bouncy Castle! Click here for more info.

Changi Airport Dino Carnival
Photo: @changiairport (Instagram)
Changi Airport Dino Carnival
Photo: @changiairport (Instagram)

Shop For Adorable Dino-Themed Goods

If you love shopping at festive markets, then you can expect to find a Dino-themed market here at T4 too! There will be roughly 50 F&B and lifestyle retail stalls from December 3rd to 27th, from Thursdays to Sundays (3 PM-11 PM) So, if you’ve been eyeing that cute Dino T-shirt, you can get them from the market.

Changi Airport Dino Carnival
Photo: (Website)

Ready For Some Fun? Head Over To Changi Airport!

Well, now that you know about all the brand new fun things at Changi Airport, what are you waiting for? Head over and have some fun to end your 2020 on a bang. Bye!

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