This NEW Cozy Cafe At East Coast Serves Scrumptious Sandwiches With Grilled Cheese & Deep-Fried Chicken With Cheetos!

With popular sandwich shops like Park Bench Deli and Korio in Singapore, here’s a new spot that’s certainly worthy of joining in the reigns! Tucked away at East Coast lies Breakfast Grill, a relatively new cafe that’s certainly taking over the sandwich scene in Singapore! Serving up irresistible sammies with grilled cheese, deep-fried chicken with cheetos, and egg salad with spam and bacon, they are definitely not to be missed!

New Sandwich Cafe At East Coast

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Opened in early February this year, Breakfast Grill offers a plethora of all-day sandwiches, with over nine varieties to choose from! The 27-seater space is decked in minimalist white interiors, with wooden and rattan furniture pieces to make it the perfect cozy spot to enjoy a tasty meal and a cup of coffee in the morning!

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Although all of the dining is in one area, the lighting and decor at the front and the back of the cafe transports you to two different worlds! The open front counter has a modern and clean look to it while the back features your rattan chairs and warm ambient lighting, with industrial-chic walls for a rustic and edgy vibe.

Amazing Sammies To Enjoy!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

For all the cheese lovers out there, the Cheeses Sammie ($12, 15-20 mins waiting time) is definitely one to go for! With a waiting time of 15 to 20 minutes, ensure to get those cameras ready as the cheese pull is insane and super insta-worthy! The brioche is nice and crispy, with a beautiful blend of gooey mozzarella, red and white cheddar, Colby Jack, and mozzarella balls.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Flavourwise, there is a good balance of savouriness, with a slight tang following afterward. Additionally, the house-made garlic spread helps to cut through the richness of the cheeses! A touch of spice and acidity would have been better to help lift the dish but nevertheless, this classic sandwich is certainly worth a try!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Taking inspiration from Japan’s Tamago Sando, the Sunday Cals ($13) is Breakfast Grill’s own take on this beloved dish! Served with a generous portion of creamy egg salad and an onsen egg, they offer a pleasant contrast of textures despite the onsen egg not being as runny as others. Instead of using the bottled bacon bits we usually see at supermarkets, Breakfast Grill actually fries their own bacon! Coupled with crispy spam, they both give the dish a much-needed touch of savouriness and crunch!

Image: Singapore Foodie

For something a little more substantial, the Hot Chick ($15.50) will surely fill you up! This amazing delight is served with deep-fried chicken thigh, scrambled egg, cheesy jalapeno cheetos, and house-made garlic aioli. The crispy and juicy chicken is seasoned with five spices, delivering amazing bursts of flavour and heat with each bite!

The scrambled eggs add a delightful creaminess while the cheetos gives an additional crunch and kick of spice! On top of that, the jalapenos elevate the dish with an extra touch of tanginess. Although the garlic aioli is not as prominent, the rest of the flavours work really harmoniously together! Definitely still a pretty tasty dish overall!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Hurry To Breakfast Grill Today!

Besides their amazing sandwiches, Breakfast Grill also offers other dishes like Spicy Spam Fries and Tomato Soup which goes perfectly with your Cheeses Sammie! As they are slightly on the pricer side, it is advised to come in groups to split the cost as well as to have a variety of dishes to enjoy! Open from 8am daily, they are the perfect spot to head to for an amazing breakfast treat! Hurry down today!

Address: 380 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428986

Operating Hours: Daily, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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