Boost Juice Bars Introduces New Milo Smoothie Across All S’pore Outlets


First of all, we’re all aware of this ongoing bubble tea hype that seems to never cease. All these hype despite the revelation of high sugar content in a cup of bubble milk tea. So while this craze hits all of us, we mindlessly neglect that there are ways to quench our thirst the healthy way. Remember Boost Juice Bars? Yes, that bright green fruit juice smoothie that is the epitome of all things healthy? They just introduced a new drink, Milo Smoothie. Seriously guys, THIS SHOULD BE THE HYPE.

Boost Juice Bars S’pore Launches New Milo Smoothie

boost juice bars
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Boost Juice Bars is a fruit juice retail from Australia, mainly specialising in fruit-based smoothies as well as juices. Also, the very first Boost Juice Bars joint gain its establishment back in 2000, in Adelaide, Australia. Thus since then, they have gone through market expansion to countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and many more.

boost juice bars
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So, on the 21st of July 2019, on their official Facebook page, Boost Juice Bars revealed their latest drink called the Milo Smoothie. A trip down memory lane of our favourite chocolate malt drink anyone?

In this cup of Milo Smoothie, you’ll get a blend of Milo chocolate malt with fresh milk and Boost’s to die for low fat strawberry yogurt. We’ve all heard of chocolate-strawberry combo but what about Milo-strawberry? Could it be our new-found favourite? The price for Milo Smoothie is $6.50.

boost juice bars
Photo: @boostsingapore (Facebook)

Well, since this latest reveal will only be available for a limited time only, hurry up and head over to any Boost Juice Bars in Singapore to give this drink a go. Also, don’t forget to let us know what you guys think! Bye!

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*Available at all Boost Juice Bars outlets in Singapore

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