This Popular Stall At Golden Mile Serves Incredible Chicken Cutlet Lor Mee That’s A Must-Try!

When it comes to good food in Singapore, new spots are bound to be found every day and this time, we are bringing you to the popular Golden Mile Food Centre. Putting a modern twist on this traditional dish, 86 Lor Mee serves up a scrumptious Chicken Cutlet Lor Mee that’s seriously a must-try!

Popular Stall At Golden Mile Food Centre

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Helmed by a husband-and-wife duo, 86 Lor Mee stands out among others with their unique ingredients served. Besides your typical lor mee toppings like ngoh hiang, they take it up a notch with ingredients like Ebi Tempura, Fried Fish, Chicken Cutlets, and more.

Image: Singapore Foodie

If you can’t decide on what to go for, the Signature Lor Mee ($6/$7) gives you the best of everything, served with Ebi Tempura, Battered Fried Fish, Ngoh Hiang, Fried Wantons, and a slice of succulent Chicken Cutlet.

Incredible Chicken Cutlet Lor Mee ($4)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

We decided however to go for the more affordable and popular choice, the Fried Chicken Lor Mee. Unlike some stalls where their gravy is watery, 86 Lor Mee’s is thick and starchy, giving it a plus point. Even without the addition of garlic and vinegar, it is already incredibly robust!

Image: Singapore Foodie

We do recommend that you add them in as the garlic gives a nice kick as well as a slight crunch that pairs perfectly with the noodles. The vinegar helps to cut through the richness of the gravy but be careful as too much will overpower it. Additionally, their tangy chilli seriously packs a punch, elevating each bite!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Crispy, tender, and juicy, the chicken cutlet is well-seasoned and executed to perfection. On top of that, its crunchiness pairs beautifully with the chewiness of the noodles. Present in all their variations, the dish included tender pork belly slices and half a braised egg as well.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Hurry Try 86 Lor Mee Today!

Though they close at 6pm daily, 86 Lor Mee is usually sold out by mid-afternoon so be sure to head down early for a taste. If you’re looking for a delicious bowl of Lor Mee with a unique and modern flare, this is just the spot to head to, Hurry down today!

Address: Beach Rd, #01-86, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Thurs, 8.30am to 6pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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