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7 Super Colourful & Instagram-Worthy Places In Singapore

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Are you going to Singapore for a holiday and you’re looking for places to snap pictures? We got you covered with 7 Super Colourful & Instagram-Worthy Places In Singapore! These places are super pretty and you will have a good time snappin’, we promise! No filter necessary because these places are masterpieces. Scroll on, and check out our list for the most colourful places!

7 Super Colourful & Instagram-Worthy Places In Singapore

1. Old Hill Street Police Station

Photo: @kikiaryanti_ (Instagram)

Old Hill Street Police Station is a historic building in Singapore. The six floors building with rainbow windows was previously a police station. Inspired by public buildings in England in the 1930s, the beautiful building was built in Neo-Classical style. Why do you need a picture here? Old Hill Street Police Station is considered to be one of the finest buildings in the whole world! To top it off, there are 927 windows with vibrant shutters. The building is a vision!

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2. Tan Teng Niah

Photo: @agi.sasmita (Instagram)

Located in the colourful Little India, Tan Teng Niah is the last Chinese villa in that area. A little back story, Tan Teng Niah was a successful businessman in Singapore, and he built the villa in 1900 for his wife. How sweet! Back then, the building was completely white. The colours are added recently! The most Instagrammable building in Little India is very hard to miss with vivid colours. You will love Tan Teng Niah’s windows, it comes with bright shutters and carvings on the top. A must visit!

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3. Colourful Spiral Staircases

Photo: @ninggywp (Instagram)

Not the entire building, just the spiral staircases. Although it is tucked in an alley, you won’t miss it. It is not every single day you’ll see aligned spiral staircases. These spiral staircases come in sunrise hues and a little blue. It is going to be a little tricky to take an #ootd with it but it is possible. Located in Bugis, you can drop for a snap before or after shopping! Bugis Junction houses many local and international brands. Feeling hungry? There are a variety of food too!

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4. Koon Seng Road

Photo: @grace_utomo (Instagram)

My, my, my! A row of beautiful and colourful heritage houses. We are sure that everyone with an Instagram account needs to drop by here. The colourful road is named after Cheong Koon Seng. Back in the days, the area was occupied Peranakan Chinese. Hence, Chinese architecture! Look carefully, and you will notice that all the pastel-coloured houses have similar green colour tiles. For pictures, we think that it looks great from far! Or, you can choose your favourite colour!

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5. Haji Lane

Photo: @vichitt (Instagram)

If you are a fan of street art / murals, you need to drop by Haji Lane! At Haji Lane, you will find different kinds of colourful murals. It is going to take you some time for you to take pictures here! Apart from the amazing murals, there are so a row of shops selling knick-knacks! You may just find something you will love to bring home as souvenir. There are also bars, and cafes in Haji Lane. If you are into cafe hopping, there are many cafes around that area too!

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6. Emerald Hill

Photo: @giuliabrunasso (Instagram)

Here is another picturesque spot in Singapore! When the Chinese traders settled down along the Straits Settlements in the earluy 1900s, these intricate Peranakan-houses were built. If you want to see authentic Peranakan-style houses, you have to come here. Did you know? One of the biggest differences between Peranakan shophouses and pure Chinese shophouses are their ornaments and carvings. You’ll find colourful and intricate tiles. Drop by here to see authentic Peranakan-style houses!

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7. Alkaff Bridge

Photo: @_rngpbrs (Instagram)

Alkaff Bridge has a very unique shape and it looks like a tongkang! Are you wondering what’s a tongkang? It is a light boat that was commonly used to transport goods across the river in the past. The colourful bridge represents urban development. Alkaff Bridge has a rainbow hue. As a result, you will find a colour on one side of the bridge and the colour will transition to another! Additionally, the beautifully crafted bridge also has polka-dots of different sizes and designs! By the way, it took more than 900 litres of paint to complete this masterpiece.

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7 Super Colourful & Instagram-Worthy Places In Singapore

That’s the end of the list for 7 Super Colourful & Instagram-Worthy Places In Singapore! Where are you most excited to visit in Singapore? Let us know in the comments!

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