7-Eleven Now Selling Tokyo Banana At $6 Per Box When You Get 2 Boxes For Limited-Time Offer!

Good news for all you Tokyo Banana fans! 7-Eleven is now having a limited-time offer on these popular custard-filled sponge cakes! Enjoy these tasty treats at $7 a box or get 2 boxes for only $12! That means you only pay $6 per box which is a pretty good steal!


Tokyo Banana Offer At 7-Eleven

Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore (Facebook)

Sink your teeth into the light and creamy texture of this crowd-favourite snack that’s filled with a generous amount of banana custard cream, that will leave you coming back for more! This light banana cake is a hit among fans for its super fluffy texture and authentic banana flavour. The perfect snack for any time of the day!


According to Tokyo Banana’s official website, a box of four costs ¥540 (including tax) which converts to around $6.37 SGD. This means you can get it cheaper at 7-Eleven with the current offer! Looks like you won’t need to fly to Japan to get your hands on this scrumptious treat now!

Hurry Get Them While Stocks Last!

There is currently no update on when the offer will end so hurry get them while stocks last! What are you waiting for? Hurry down to your nearest store today!

Cover Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore (Facebook), @popopobin (Instagram)

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