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10 Things To Look Forward To At Jewel Changi Airport!

Hi, guys! Considering that Jewel Changi Airport will be opening soon, we will be listing out 10 Things To Look Forward To At Jewel Changi Airport! If you think that Changi Airport cannot get any better, you are wrong. When you are done with this list, you will be excited more than ever to start traveling. Or, you know, go all the way there for food. We are not judging.

10 Things To Look Forward To At Jewel Changi Airport!

1. Chow down ShakeBurger at Shake Shack

Photo: @shakeshack (Instagram)

Shake Shack is American’s fine casual restaurant based in New York. When you are in America, it is a must-try! Well, you don’t have to fly all the way there to have a bite. Opening at Jewel Changi Airport, it will be two floors with cosy booths. Featuring the same menu as America, you can now get your hands on their famous signature cheeseburgers ShakeBurger, and SmokeShack.

2. Catch Pokemons at Pokemon Center

Photo: Pokemon Singapore (Facebook)

The first Pokemon Center out of Japan is expected to be open at Jewel Changi Airport on the 17th April 2019. Pokemon Center will be featuring similar merchandises that you will find in Japan, as well as exclusive merchandises. A few months ago, we had a sneak peek of their exclusive Pikachu dressed in pilot uniform and cabin crew uniform. You really need to catch ’em all!

3. Feast at Burger & Lobster

Photo: @burgerandlobster (Instagram)

The famous lobster restaurant from London will also be opening at Jewel Changi Airport! Burger & Lobster will be located at Canopy Park, the highest floor of Jewel Changi Airport. Their menu will be featuring lobsters, served in different ways including lobster rolls! You will also find beef patty burger right here. Chilli Lobster is available in Genting Highlands, so hopefully, it will be available here too!

4. Reminisce good ol’ times at A&W

Photo: @aw_okinawa (Instagram)

A&W was completely shut down back in 2003. Announced a year ago, A&W will be reopening in Singapore! So, you will have the chance to taste the famous root beer floats, curly fries, hot dogs, and some of their new innovations. Hopefully, they will have merchandises for us to collect. You will be happy to know that A&W is halal certified in Singapore.

5. Check Out World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Did you know that Changi Airport has the world’s tallest indoor slide in an airport? They have something new to be added on the list. Jewel Changi Airport will be housing the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Designed by Moshe Safdie, an Israeli-Canadian architect, the Rain Vortex is 40 metres long! It is definitely a must-see when you’re there! By the way, there is also Bouncing Net!

6. Buy Sneakers At The Largest Nike In Singapore

Photo: @nikenyc (Instagram)

Have you forgotten your fitness gear? Well, you don’t need to head back home to grab it. You can shop for new gears at the largest Nike store in South East Asia. The size of the store will be 1,000 square meters, and you will find the newest range of footwear, apparel, and merchandises. Trust us, the range is going to be extensive. After all, they need enough merchandise for 1,000 square meters.

7. Taste Special Brews At Tiger Street Lab

Photo: Tiger Beer (Facebook)

Jewel Changi Airport will also be housing the first in the world Tiger Street Lab. Here, you will find special food and beverage elements combined with retail elements. You will be excited to know there will be seasonal brews that are only available at the airport! These exclusive brews are made with local ingredients. You can order it with some local street food. Sounds like heaven!

8. East fresh seafood at Pink Fish

Photo: @pinkfishrestaurants (Instagram)

Pink Fish will be opening their first store in Southeast Asia right here! Pink Fish is the world’s first fast casual seafood restaurant. If you feel like having premium quality salmon that comes from the Norwegian fjords, you need to check Pink Fish out! Dishes will include salads, wraps, burgers, hotpots, and poke bowls. Time for some good salmon!

9. Feast on local delights at Violet Oon

Photo: @violetoonsingapore (Instagram)

Well, if you are leaving Singapore and you’re looking to feast on local delicacies one last time, this is the place to be. Violet Oon offers elevated local delicacies that you will need to taste it to believe it. Sure, there are a few around Singapore, but the one located at Jewel Changi Airport will be the biggest restaurant up to date. This is something that foreigners must not miss!

10. Watch Movies At Shaw Theaters

Layovers can be really boring. Well, of course, that’s not going to happen in the world’s best airport. Shaw Theaters will be one of the tenants of Jewel Changi Airport! You can watch movies comfortably while you are waiting for your next flight. We are not sure about the details yet, but we are always excited for brand new movie theaters! We love new seats!

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10 Things To Look Forward To At Jewel Changi Airport!

Photo: @jewelchangiairport (Instagram)

So, that’s the end of the list for 10 Things To Look Forward To At Jewel Changi Airport! Honestly, we are looking forward to trying out Shake Shack, it is going to be jam-packed. Our next stop is going to be Pokemon Centre, we are going to spend all our hard earned cash on “catching” Pokemons! What you most excited about?

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