Burger & Lobster Will Be Opening In Jewel Changi Airport

One gigantic lobster, please.

Changi Airport is truly the best airport in the world! There are already so many activities at the airport that help you to defeat your layover boredom. You can slide down the world’s longest slide in an airport, and watch movies in their comfortable movie theaters. It only gets better from there as Jewel Changi Airport is set to open in 2019 and Burger & Lobster Will Be Opening In Jewel Changi Airport!

Burger & Lobster Will Be Opening In Jewel Changi Airport!

Photo: @saihon (Instagram)

That’s right, the famous lobster restaurant from the United Kingdom is finally making their way to Singapore. It’s about time! However, this is not their first branch in Asia. There is one branch in Malaysia, and another at Thailand. So, if you can’t wait for Jewel Changi Airport to open, you can always make your way to Genting Highlands for a taste. By the way, there might be a queue when you’re there!

As for the Singapore outlet, it will be located at Canopy Park, Jewel’s Changi Airport highest floor. You will be delighted with the wonderful view of the Rain Vortex that is 40 meters high. We think it will be absolutely thrilling to see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall while you feast on fresh lobsters. The view is going to be great. It is definitely something that we need to put into our bucket list.

One Lobster, Please.

Photo: @burgerandlobster (Instagram)

Their menu varies from one country to another! In London, you can find White Bean Dip, a dish made out of cannellini beans, feta, sriracha, with grilled garlic potato bread. You can order The Truffle in Dubai, fresh lobster meat tossed in truffle mayo! Yums! For Malaysia, you can feast on Chilli Lobster, made with Canadian fresh lobster and served with signature brioche. We are excited to see Singapore’s menu soon!

Take a look at Malaysia’s menu to get an idea of the dishes, and prices at Burger & Lobster.

Photo: Burger & Lobster (Website)

Burger & Lobster Will Be Opening In Jewel Changi Airport!

Photo: @littlefoodietha (Instagram)

We can tell that Jewel Changi Aiport is going to be super amazing. Did you know that Pokemon Center will also be opening right there too? They have just teased us with their exclusive merchandise just last week! That’s not all, Jewel Changi Aiport will have many attractions to look forward to such as Foggy Bowls, Petal Gardens, and Canopy Bridge. Burger & Lobster will be a great addition to Jewel Changi Airport!

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