Yummy Food Expo 2019: Cheezy Lava Chop, Durian Whisky, Lobster Nasi Lemak & More

From 27 - 30 June 2019!

Yummy Food Expo is back this 2019! It will be held at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 from 27 – 30 June 2019. Get ready for a great line-up of snacks and street food. Oh also, entry is absolutely free!

Check Out These Stalls & More At Yummy Food Expo 2019

Salted Egg Waffles (Waffle Factory – Booth N18)

Photo: Singapore Food Shows

The salted egg trend has really taken off and Waffle Factory is jumping on the bandwagon too! The folks at Waffle Factory specialise in belgium waffles which are made out of natural ingredients. For this year’s food expo, they’ve decided to marry East and West, bringing in their best-selling toasty Salted Egg and Salted Caramel Waffles. They are also Muslim-friendly as their products do not contain pork or lard.

Mala Beef Cubes & Lobster Nasi Lemak (Beef Bros – Booths H27 & H31)

Photo: @thedanceflour (Instagram)
Photo: @beefbro_sg (Instagram)

Those who’ve been to the Geylang Serai Bazaar will recognise this familiar stall! In fact, their Lobster Nasi Lemak debuted at the Ramadan Bazaar this year. Well, good to know that their Mala Beef Cubes and Lobster Nasi Lemak are returning for the Yummy Food Expo! Besides Mala flavour, you can get their Sizzling Beef Cubes in Mentaiko and Cheesy Mentaiko too. If you haven’t gotten around to trying these dishes, you can do so this 27-30 June 2019.

Durian Whisky (Booth G11)

Photo: Singapore Food Shows

The Durian Whisky is so proud of their Durian Whisky that they’ve decided to name their company after it. Contrary to popular belief, it is not dangerous to consume durian and alcohol together. Their whisky is brewed from the flesh of the finest Musang King (also known as Mao Shan Wang) durian.

Cheezy Lava Chop (Emo Snacks – Booth E29)

Photo: Singapore Food Shows (Facebook)

Emo Snacks are bringing in their various flavours of XL Chicken Chops and more! Find their Cheezy Lava Chop which is drenched in melted cheese and cheese sauce, Honey Chicken Chop, and you can’t go wrong with the original XL Crispy Chicken Chop!

Brown Sugar Milk Tea (KECha – Booth N27)


Photo: KECha Singapore (Facebook)

Sticking with the Taiwan street food theme, you cannot leave out brown sugar milk tea! Even though KECha has many branches around Singapore, you can get it at the same place if you’re attending the Yummy Food Expo this year.

Yummy Food Expo 2019: Cheezy Lava Chop, Durian Whisky, Lobster Nasi Lemak & More

Can’t get enough of food fests? Add Yummy Food Expo 2019 to your list! Other food items that will be sold are Hokkaido Duo Gelato, Korean Tteokbokki, Korean Fried Chicken, Taiwan Rice Bowl and Prata Waffle Wrap. You’ll have to go and try them out for yourself!

Location: Singapore Expo Hall 5
Date: 27-30 June 2019
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily
Website | Facebook

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