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‘Xing Fu Tang’ Is Opening Its First SG Outlet In Tampines!

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Happy May fellow Singapore foodies! First of all, when you see us popping up, you know we have got news. Before we delve right into the good news, it’s a known fact that every living being in this Universe loves bubble tea right? Today, we’re focusing on bubble tea news, specifically Xing Fu Tang.

Xing Fu Tang Is Set To Open In Century Square, Tampines!

Xing Fu Tang is opening in Century Square SG
Photo: @XingFuTangMY (Facebook)

This renowned Taiwanese bubble tea joint has finally decided to open its first outlet in Singapore on the 28th of June 2019. The location? Century Square, Tampines. Aged only 1 and a half years old, Xing Fu Tang has gloriously expanded its wings to the international arena by having joints in Canada, Thailand and also Japan. Did you know that in their homeland, Taiwan, there are more than 60 outlets? We’re gonna guess they’re a bomb bubble tea joint.

Xing Fu Tang is opening in Century Square SG
Photo: @XingFuTangMY (Facebook)

Well, since the 28th of June is still a long way to go, fret not. Xing Fu Tang will be having a pop-up store at Takashimaya’s basement atrium food fair, from May 30th to June 16th for all you eager bubble tea fans. Time to get your hands on really good bubble tea! Besides this pop-up and opening news, there will also be a second pop up opening at a “central location” this July, and will run for “a few months”. Since the location for the second pop-up is unconfirmed, at least we now know we won’t need to travel far to get a sip of Xing Fu Tang for the time being right?

Xing Fu Tang is opening in Century Square SG
Photo: @XingFuTangMY (Facebook)

More background chat shall we? Xing Fu Tang is renowned for their stir-fried Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk that has a combination of fragrant brown sugar accompanied with fresh milk and super chewy boba. Also, the drinks will cost between $3.50 to $6.30. As for the Signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk, the brand’s rep has confirmed that they will be $5.30.

Xing Fu Tang is opening in Century Square SG
Photo: @XingFuTangMY (Facebook)

Here are more details about the opening:

Date: 28th June 2019

Location: Century Square, Tampines

Details about the pop-up store:

Date: May 30th to June 16th

Location: Takashimaya’s Basement Atrium

Are you guys ready for yet another bubble tea joint? Share this news with your loved ones and mark your calendars for this grand opening of Xing Fu Tang! See you guys in the queue on 28th June!

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Famous Taiwanese Bubble Tea Is Opening Its First Outlet In Singapore!

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