This Hawker At Old Airport Road Food Centre Serves One Of The Best Lor Mee In Singapore

Lor mee has always been a wholesome dish. Well-loved by many, the Hokkien noodle dish is known for its starchy gravy made with a variety of spices. Hungry for a bowl?


One Of The Best Lor Mee In Singapore

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Check out Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee located inside Old Airport Road Food Centre. Considering it is one of the best spots for lor mee in Singapore, expect a long queue as early as 9:00 a.m.! Some netizens even mentioned that the queue will get longer during peak hours.

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There are many aspects that make a great bowl of lor mee, and Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee executed everything well. Starting off with the starchy gravy, it has the old-school taste, also known as ‘kochabi’. The star of the show is made with five different spices including braised sauce, vinegar, chilli, garlic, and coriander.

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Well-mixed, expect a flavourful gravy. You can opt for a mixture of yellow noodles, or bee hoon – or a combination of both! The noodles will be nicely coated with gravy. To top it all off, you will be excited to know that this spot is generous with toppings.

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Have a scoop of pork pieces and pan-fried fish! Of course, lor mee wouldn’t be complete without braised eggs on the sides as well! Have a bowl or two, as it is affordably priced at $4 to $5 each.

Find It At Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee

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Address: 1 Old Airport Rd, #01-116, Singapore 390051

Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday and Thursday, 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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