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NEW: Now You Can Buy White Rabbit Milk Tea For Just $2.15 in Singapore

If you grew up in Singapore – or Asia, for that matter – you’ll know what White Rabbit Creamy Candy is. For many of us, it was one of our favourite treats when we were younger, and it definitely still carries that bittersweet element of nostalgia. But you know what Singaporeans also love? Milk tea.

Photo: @snacktimewithklau (Instagram)

So why not combine the two and have both at once?

Well, now you can! Fairprice Finest now carries White Rabbit Candy Milk Tea!

Four Different Flavours to Choose From

Photo: @ohmydia (Instagram)

It’s not just one flavour of milk tea you get to try, though – it’s 4!

You can pick from 海盐芝士 (Sea Salt and Cheese), 白桃乌龙 (Peach Oolong Tea), 元气黑茶 (Genki Black Tea), and 法式牛乳 (French Style Milk Tea). Don’t they all sound amazing? Personally, we can’t wait to try the Peach Oolong Tea version – the sweet, refreshing notes sound like they’ll pair well with our favourite childhood candy!

Try one, and you’ll be falling down the rabbit hole in no time.

Only at $2.15

Not only does the milk tea sound delicious, it’s inexpensive as well – you can get it at your local Fairprice Finest for just $2.15! Compare that to your usual cup of pearl milk tea and do the math. It’s a good deal!

Of course, you’ll have to make this one yourself, but we’d argue that adds even more to the novelty of the drink. And if you’ve already tried making dalgona during the circuit breaker, you’ll probably enjoy the hands-on experience of making this, too!

What are you waiting for? Go down to your nearest Fairprice Finest and get yours today!

Just remember to wear your mask and practice social distancing while you’re there.

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