White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream With Iconic Milky Flavour Spotted At FairPrice Supermarkets

For fans of the White Rabbit Candy, we have good news for you. Do you remember eating this sweet and milky candy? Well, now you can also enjoy it by having it as an ice cream! Although there have been ice cream parlours in Singapore that have done this, this is the first White Rabbit Ice Cream released by the brand itself. This ice cream has appeared in various parts of the world including Canada, Belgium and Malaysia.

White Rabbit Ice Cream Now Available At NTUC FairPrice

Photo: FairPrice Online.

The White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream is now available at 63 NTUC FairPrice outlets and FairPrice Online. This is a collaboration with the brand itself, Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Ltd and Bright Dairy & Food Co. Ltd. This ice cream was first launched in Shanghai last year and has finally made its way to the shores of Singapore. These ice cream sticks are going for a box of five for $12.


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The box art is similar to that of the iconic candy wrapper, which immediately brings back nostalgia. Each ice cream stick is made from high-quality fresh milk and single cream, also including condensed milk and milk powder. It tastes exactly like the classic candy, down to the milky flavour and chewy texture. Additionally, it even has the scent of artificial vanilla. However, one iconic thing missing; the edible rice paper. Fret not, that won’t make the ice cream any less enjoyable.


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Also Available Online

Besides being available on FairPrice Online, it is also available on Shopee and soon to be on Lazada. There is no news on how long the White Rabbit Ice Cream will be on the shelves so hurry and get yours now!

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Cover Photo: @munchwithmavis (Instagram), @mysecreteden811 (Instagram)

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