This NEW Cafe At Crawford Lane Serving Incredible Bakes & Desserts Is The First Taro Cafe In S’pore

Calling all you Taro lovers! For those who haven’t heard, Singapore’s first taro cafe has recently opened up at Crawford Lane, with amazing Taro-infused bakes and desserts to enjoy. Named Whisking Bakes, indulge yourself with their incredible Taro Mochi Swiss Roll, Taro-misu, and Orh Nee Tarts!

Whisking Bakes At Crawford Lane

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Known for their taro tart balls, they first started out as a popular home-based bakery before expanding to their first physical kitchen and store last year, and finally opening Whisking Bakes early this month. The cafe’s decor is designed with warm wood furniture and pastel lavender details.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Additionally, with a seating capacity of only 20 people, it certainly gives the cafe warm and cosy vibes. As their bakes and desserts aren’t listed on the menu, be sure to head to their glass display at the counter to check out what is available.

Taro Mochi Swiss Roll ($5)

Photo: Singapore Foodie


One of the must-try items is definitely the Taro Mochi Swiss Roll – a delightfully soft sponge cake with yam paste, cream, and a milk mochi centre. The cake is light and fluffy, with the layer of cream and orh nee paste delivering the perfect amount of taro flavour without it being too jelak.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Additionally, the creaminess pairs well with the texture of the cake, with the mochi giving each bite a pleasant chewiness as well. A well-executed dessert that you should seriously give a try!

Taro-misu ($6)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Up next is a unique take on the Italian classic dessert, the Tiramisu. Whisking Bakes’s Taro-misu is made with ladyfingers dipped in house-made taro milk, yam paste, and mascarpone cream. Compared to the previous dessert, the taro-misu is heavier and sweeter, making it a good sharing dish. The mascarpone cream and yam paste pair perfectly together, giving a well-balanced blend of flavours.

Image: Singapore Foodie

One thing that they nailed beautifully was allowing the creaminess and flavour of the yam paste to shine, making you feel you were eating orh nee itself. Unfortunately, the ladyfingers tasted like how it was described. As they were slightly dry, perhaps it would have been better to soak them in the taro milk rather than just dipping them in. Overall, it is definitely still a yummy dessert that’s worth a try!

Orh Nee Tarts ($6.90 for 5 pcs)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Last but not least, we have one of their best-sellers, their Orh Nee Tarts. These adorable little treats are incredibly buttery and flaky, making them seriously addictive! Although the taro flavour comes through, it is sadly overpowered by the butteriness.

Image: Singapore Foodie

This pastry is definitely more suited for those who aren’t really fans of taro as the flavour isn’t very prominent. If you love the taste of taro, you would probably prefer the previous two dishes for a stronger kick of flavour.

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Hurry Down To Whisking Bakes Today!

Be sure to pair your desserts with some of their beverages like their Iced Black Sesame Latte ($6) and Chamomile Tea Pot ($4.50)! Besides their taro menu, Whisking Bakes also offers non-taro items like their NYC Levain Cookie, with flavours like Sea Salt Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Matcha. Being the first taro cafe in Singapore, this is a spot that you should definitely check out!

Address: 466 Crawford Ln, #01-08, Singapore 190465

Operating Hours: 

Tues to Thurs, 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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