Vendors At Food Stalls Will Be Fined Up To $5,000 If Caught Without Face Masks

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced that SFA-licensed food stall vendors must wear protective face masks or physical barriers (e.g face shields). Effective 13 April 2020, those that do not comply will face fines up to $5000 or have their licenses suspended or cancelled. This includes personnel at hawker centres, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and caterers.

Photo: Straits Times

Fines Will Also Be Issued To The Public If They Are Found Disobeying Social Distancing Measures

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) announced that fines will be issued to members of the public if found breaching social distancing regulations. First time offenders will receive a $300 fine, and if repeated, will face higher fines or prosecution in court.

Photo: MEWF (Geylang East Market & Food Centre, Tanglin Tennis Academy)

Over 200 composition fines have been issued to members of public not complying with social distancing regulations. Take these two cases for example – one offender sat down on a market seat at a food centre and refused to leave after being confronted, and a group playing tennis at Tanglin Tennis Academy.

Only Enforcement Officers Can Take Action Against Public

Only Enforcement Officers (EO) can take enforcement against the public. A good way to spot impostors is to look out for their corporate attire and lanyards of their respective agencies.

Foodies take note: EO will not demand payment on the spot. The notices will be issued to offenders in hard copy on site, or through the mail. So, be careful when handing over any cash!

Sources: Singapore Food Agency, The Straits Times, MEWF

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