An Exciting Line Of Potato Chips Has Landed In Malaysia & It’s The Perfect “Treatz!” For You

Potatoes are a man’s best friend- with their versatility in cooking or snacking, it’s always delicious!. While there are a ton of ways to appreciate this humble vegetable, it’s safe to say that potato chips are undeniably the most addictive and desirable! Well rejoice fellow foodies, there’s a newly-launched line of irresistible potato chips that’ll be a quintessential addition to your snack closets!


Treatz! Potato Chips Has Just Launched In Malaysia


Made from 100% real potatoes, Treatz! is the ultimate MUST HAVE all-day snack to satiate every craving. Introduced to us for the first time by Tai Sun, a third-generation family owned company specialising in quality snacks.

With this entire Treatz! series, you’ll be enjoying the most satisfying crunch as every potato chip stems from premium quality potatoes only. These potatoes are sliced into equal thickness and cooked at an optimal temperature to give you that profound crunch! Thanks to a light dusting of scrumptious flavours, every chip you devour will have the perfect amount of seasoning as well.

Treatz! Potato Chips are available in four wildly tasty flavours (60g each):

Timeless Original


There’s nothing quite like a classic bag of lightly salted potato chips! Dive into the delicately  natural taste of fresh quality potatoes as less is certainly more with this one.

Sensational Hot & Spicy

Set your tastebuds on fiyahhh with this bold and dynamite flavour that’s jam-packed with savoury spice and a hint of zest! Delight in the mouth-watering spices such as chilli, paprika, garlic and onion that’ll have you reaching into the bag for more.

Savoury Seaweed



Take a dip in the ocean with these delectable seaweed-flavoured chips, backed by a mighty crunch. You certainly won’t regret this umami-loaded flavour!

Aromatic Summer Truffle

It’s a gorgeous summer’s day, you’re feelin’ posh and crave a slight whiff of truffle. Created for those with a sophisticated palate, these chips will send you on a whole new sensory journey!


Join The Challenge & Test Your Crunch


To inaugurate the launch, Treatz! invites you to take on the “Crunch Challenge”.  Give us your loudest “crunch” using Treatz! Potato Chips, you can stand a chance to win an exclusive Treatz! gift bag and RM50 worth of AEON shopping vouchers!



The challenge will take place over weekends and a sound level metre will measure all “crunches”. Check out the details here:

16th July, 12pm-2pmAEON Mid Valley; AEON Bandar Utama; AEON Queensbay, Penang 

23rd July, 12pm-2pmAEON Taman Maluri; AEON Terbau City, JB

Treatz! Potato Chips are Halal-certified and are now available at a retail price of RM3.00 and RM3.20 in West and East Malaysia (All AEON outlets). Treatz yourself to an authentic snacking experience and be sure to try them all!

Source: Press Release

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