This New Muslim Stall At Berseh Food Centre Serves Incredibly Smoky And Mouth-Watering BBQ Meat Platters

What with the hype of homemade barbecue on the rise, we found that it’s hard to get quality BBQ flavours at home! Booking a barbecue pit this long weekend is going to be trouble as well. Luckily, Salai M’an serves fantastic barbecue with Malay-infused flavours! You may find their barbecue very reminiscent of Malay cuisine, whilst staying true to the American-style BBQ!


Malay-Style BBQ At Berseh Food Centre

Image: Singapore Foodie

Mr Sulaiman has been in the F&B industry for many years. He has accumulated years of experience and developed his technique to masterful lengths! You are probably wondering why he chooses to open a hawker stall? To put it simply, he wishes to serve his community both delicious, yet affordable high-quality barbecue and western food! Also, with the food market being saturated with overly priced western food, Mr Sulaiman takes a step in a different direction to ensure the happiness of his customers!

Image: Singapore Foodie

According to Mr Sulaiman, he takes inspiration from Caribbean flavours! He marinates his meat in a way that is similar to many Caribbean dishes, but with a slight twist! Instead of Scotch Bonnets and other Jerk seasonings, however, he uses Malay flavours! In addition, he uses similar techniques as well! However, barbecue isn’t the only thing he specializes in!

Smoky And Succulent Meat Platters

Photo: Singapore Foodie

With many different types of meat to choose from, why not get the whole platter! The ‘Big M’an Meat Platter ($32.90) has it all. It features 150g of juicy and tender brisket, and 150g of high-quality ribeye that is marinated with oyster sauce, smoked lamb chops and smoked sausages! This item also comes with three sides! This dish is meant for two people and good reason!

Image: Singapore Foodie

If the meat platter is somehow not enough, you have a plethora of sides to choose from! The butter rice is a perfect side to pair with the smoky meats! The Mac and Cheese are rich and creamy. Also, its flavour is on the milder side which doesn’t overpower the star of the show! The fries are also perfect! It’s amazingly crunchy and fluffy on the inside! As a whole, you will definitely get your fill with this dish.

Head Down To Salai M’an For Some Amazing BBQ Today!

Do note that they are very busy during lunchtime. We suggest coming down around 2pm to avoid the crowd! Also, some of their items are very popular and may run out so hurry down to try them today!

Address: 166 Jln Besar, #01-18, Singapore 208877

Operating Hours: Daily except for Sun, 12:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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