This Popular Stall At Geylang Serai Serves Mouth-Watering Nasi Ayam Sambal Set For Only $5!

With the export ban on chicken finally being lifted, food prices are finally starting to drop. But one store has kept the same affordable price on chicken rice since the beginning! Nasi Ayam Sambal has some of the best chicken rice around! If you’re looking for a classic dish for only $5, this is the perfect place for you! Each plate is made with love and filled to the brim with deliciousness.

Mouth-Watering Chicken Rice At Geylang Serai

Photo: Singapore Foodie

At the heart of Muslim Food in Singapore, Nasi Ayam Sambal is not short on competition. Surrounded by other legendary stalls, they hold they’re grown with only one dish! If that doesn’t speak highly of their food, I don’t know what will. The staff and owners are also extremely welcoming! Having but a brief conversation with them, I found them to be warm and all-in-all, nice people!

Image: Singapore Foodie

While most stalls boast an array of different dishes, Nasi Ayam Sambal has one dish that is a hit with the locals! Chicken rice is a simple dish which, of course, means that there is no room for error. But what sets them apart is their homemade Sambal sauce! The sauce is well-known to the locals. Not only that, its spice level is legendary! Their Sambal is not for the faint of heart!

Spicy And Savoury Sambal Chicken Rice

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Their chicken rice features three different components that make it whole. The rice, the Sambal and the chicken. They cook the rice in chicken stock, chicken parts and other herbs and spices, it infuses the flavours into each grain. The Sambal is made with a blend of dry chilli, garlic, shrimp paste and other ingredients- known only to them! They roast the chicken slowly to ensure the skin crisps up nicely.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Their Chicken Rice Set ($5) is the pinnacle of classic eats here in Singapore! The chicken is beautifully juicy and savoury. The seasoning was spot on, giving every part of the protein flavour and a slight crispness on the skin! The rice is nice and tender as well. It fully absorbed all the stock flavour and herbs! The Sambal is simply amazing. It is slightly sweet, tangy and most importantly, spicy! As a whole, this dish is definitely worth its $5 price tag. More so even!

Hurry Down To Nasi Ayam Sambal Today!

Do note that Nasi Ayam Sambal tends to get quite packed around noon onwards, so do come down earlier! We suggest coming around 11am! They also close early! Come on down today!

Address: 631 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-886 Stall 3, Singapore 470631

Operating Hours: Daily except for Mon & Tues, 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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