This Logistics Service Offers Door-to-Door Parcel Delivery to Malaysia From $3.90 Only

So cheap?!

Greetings. Travelling abroad becomes difficult and things have shifted online. For those with friends and family back in Malaysia, you might want to send some goods back, but most courier services will burn a hole in your wallet. Lucky for you, we’ve found a logistics service, Qxpress, that does door-to-door delivery to Malaysia, from only $3.90.

Door-to-Door Delivery Service to Malaysia as low as $3.90:

We stumbled upon a post on Facebook recommending Qxpress and thought we had to share to you foodies. The logistics service provides door-to-door delivery service, meaning they’ll personally collect the parcel from your door and deliver it to the designated address. Delivery takes about 5-10 working days, and here’s a breakdown of the shipping fee:

0.00kg- 0.25kg: $3.90
0.25kg-0.50kg: $5.20
0.50kg- 0.75kg: $7.10
0.75kg-1.00kg: $9.00
1.00kg- 1.25kg: $10.50
1.25kg-1.50kg: $12.00
1.50kg-1.75kg: $13.50
1.75kg-2.00kg: :$23.90

How Do I Send Parcel Through Qxpress?

Easy, all you need is your phone. Download the Qoo10 app from App Store or Play Store. Login and follow the simple steps below (refer to the photos below).

Photo: T for Travel (Facebook)
Photo: T for Travel (Facebook)
Photo: T for Travel (Facebook)
Photo: T for Travel (Facebook)
Photo: T for Travel (Facebook)

*Important! Read The T&C:

We highly suggest you guys to read this up before using Qxpress as there are quite a number of rules to abide by.

  1. Delivery fee stated above does not include duties and tax.
  2. Compensate up to S$300 per parcel.
  3. While they offer door-to-door delivery services, you’ll have to pack your own items.
  4. Diameter of box (length + width + height) must not exceed 150cm.
  5. You’ll have to print out all the information on your own.
  6. Remember to upload a picture of your items in the app.

Delivering parcel to our country next door has been made easier with Qxpress. In our opinion, their service is quite affordable for small packages. So if you’re planning to deliver any small items to our neighbouring country, Malaysia, give Qxpress a try. That’s all, have a nice day and buh bye!


Contact: +6566619100

Source Credit: T for Travel 

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