This Indonesian Bistro Serves Up Western-Indo Fusion Food Such As Indomie With Ribeye Steak, Fried Oxtail Soup & More

Using Ingredients Direct From Indonesia!

Hello, foodies! If you are searching high and low for a restaurant that serves succulent varied dishes and reasonably-priced-for-its-quality Indonesian food, look no further because we’ve found this special gem. This place is called Daun Bistro! It is a modern Indonesian restaurant serving cafe-style food with both traditional and contemporary flavours. They are also known for being Singapore’s first Indonesian Fusion Bistro! Wow!

Western-Indonesian Delights You Will Keep Coming Back For

With an extensive menu, Daun Bistro has plenty of variety for every palate. From rice and noodle dishes to mains and platters, they’ve got it all. Daun Bistro cuisine masters the blend of modern fusion with classically famous Indonesian dishes, challenging a sheer depth of flavour in every bite. Because there are so many good options, let us help you with your choices – check out below for some of our recommendations on must-try dishes.

Fried Rice Dishes That You Can’t Miss Out On At Daun Bistro

As we know all too well, Indonesia is famously known for their fried rice. Daun Bistro serves up something natively called “Nasi Goreng Gila” in Indonesia, and it translates to “Crazy Fried Rice” in English. It is basically fried rice with loads of different (and yummy!) toppings and you can choose to have it with Indomie or even pasta noodles! Most of the Crazy Fried Rice at Daun Bistro are undeniably savoury and some flares  a little hint of that familiar Indonesian spiciness. Below are some Crazy Fried Rice options that’ll suit every tummy!

Daun Crazy Rice

Starting off with some traditional flavours, Daun Bistro’s Daun Crazy Rice is a meticulously crafted Indonesian signature with an authentic yet dramatic spicy galore that highlights the savoury aroma. It comes with a variety of meat and sausages that pair extremely well with their homemade Indonesian sambal. Be warned that their sambal has a kick of spiciness that’ll surely wake your senses too!

Bacon Crazy Fried Rice

Bacon lovers can opt to try their Bacon Crazy Fried Rice that is salty and full of umami flavour. Be sure to enjoy it with their sambal too for a hint of spiciness that you can’t get anywhere else!

Chicken Wing Crazy Fried Rice

Who can say no to chicken wings? Certainly not us! Order their Chicken Wing Crazy Fried Rice if you love fried chicken wings. Their chicken wings are crispy and we especially love eating it with their sambal too!

Boneless Fried Chicken Crazy Fried Rice

Another one for fried chicken lovers – skip the fuss and enjoy their Boneless Fried Chicken Crazy Fried Rice if you’re looking for a crunchy experience filled with decadent flavours that will certainly satisfy your belly.

Ebi Tempura Crazy Fried Rice

If you like eating seafood, order their Ebi Tempura Crazy Fried Rice instead because it comes with perfectly crispy Tempura that’ll have that crunch factor when you bite into it! Yum!

Ribeye Crazy Fried Indomie

Steak and fried noodles? Say no more – we want some please! What’s better than the famous Indonesian instant noodles called Indomie? Indomie with steak, of course! Try their Ribeye Crazy Fried Indomie for an elevated version of their regular (but still yummy!) Indomie.

Must-Try: Embing Melinjo Cracker

Most of their fried rice and fried noodles dishes come with this famous Indonesian cracker called Embing Melinjo. It is said to be an acquired taste due to its bitterness but you can eat it with some sambal to alleviate the bitter aftertaste. Be sure to try this if you are feeling adventurous! Another thing we absolutely love about Daun Bistro is that you can customise the dishes according to your palette. For instance, you can request to adjust the level of spiciness for your dish accordingly. They have a total of eight (8) sambal and chili types and all of them are homemade too.

Indonesian Starters That You Must Order

Daun Bistro is also known for serving traditional Indonesian street food with a contemporary spin. You can find many popular Indonesian favourites here such as Tahu Isi, Siomay, Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup) and more! Check out below for what you can order to share or…just for yourself to enjoy too!

Daun Special Siomay

Daun Special Siomay is steamed and comes with bits of prawn and chicken. We love dipping it into their homemade peanut sauce! The peanut sauce is nutty yet infused with a hint of spiciness that we love too.

Bali Pork Satay

Everyone loves a good satay stick and that’s a fact. Make sure you try their Bali Pork Satay! It is cooked to perfection and we love how it is served with a tangy and spicy chilli dipping sauce instead of peanut sauce. Their chilli dipping sauce is also made with a secret recipe!

Tahu Isi

Tahu Isi is basically a fried tofu stuffed with vegetables (cabbage, carrot, black spinach) and it is usually eaten with a whole chilli. Traditionally, you take one bite of the tofu followed by one bite of the chilli. Order this to share and experience how local Indonesians would eat this irresistible famous street food!

Fried Oxtail Soup with Rice

You can’t leave an Indonesian restaurant without trying Sup Buntut, otherwise known as Oxtail Soup. Daun Bistro serves a game-changing elevated version by deep-frying the Oxtail! If your tummy is looking for something unique to try, you should definitely order their Fried Oxtail Soup with Rice. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Other Mains That Regulars Of The Restaurant Love To Eat

Aside from their famous menu dishes, there are other dishes that you can try. Some of them are even favourites of regulars who visit the restaurant! Try their Chicken Rendang Rice and Mee Aceh if you don’t know what to order. Their Chicken Rendang is cooked to perfection until the meat is tender and we love how spicy this dish is! On the other hand, Aceh is a famous city in Indonesia and they are known for serving Mee Aceh. The portion here for Mee Aceh is notably generous and the upscale flavours are intimately scrumptious yet humbly comforting and super yummy too!

Chicken Rendang Rice

Mee Aceh

You Can Have A Drink With Your Pals Here Too

The best part about Daun Bistro is that you can also have a drink here with your friends or family! From Tuesdays to Thursdays (5pm-8pm), they have 3-hour free flow (drinks listed below). And on Sundays, you can get BUY 1 FREE 1 Paulaner Draft Beer for the whole day (while stocks last)! 

3-hour Free Flow from Tuesdays to Thursdays (5pm-8pm) 

    • Cava Brew (Spanish Sparkling Wine)
    • Gin & Tonic High Ball 
    • House Pour (Red & White Wine)
    • Prices: Man (S$58.80+), Woman (S$48.80+)

For the office goers, they have added a Lunch Specials set menu @ $15.80 as well!

Daun Bistro 

Address: 14 Purvis St, Singapore 188593

Opening hours: 1130am – 1030pm (Daily); Closed on Monday

Link(s): Instagram 

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