Coffee Bean S’pore Now Offers 4 Single Origin Chocolate Ice Blended At Only $22.90

It's An Ice Cold Indulgence

Hello there friends! While staying home during this one-month extension of Circuit Breaker can get a tad boring, we’re here with some caffeinated news that will make your day. Instead of whipping up your own cup of Dalgona Coffee, why not head out for a quick coffee run? Coffee Bean S’pore is now offering 4 Single Origin Chocolate Ice Blended At Only $22.90!


Get 4 Cups Of Single Origin Chocolate Ice Blended At Coffee Bean @ $22.90

On a sunny scorching day, there’s nothing better than staying home under the AC and just cool off. But let’s admit, that idea isn’t exactly feasible for our wallets so here’s a suggestion. Get yourselves 4 cups of Chocolate  Ice Blended from Coffee Bean! The best part is that you can get 4 cups at only $22.90!

Each cup of Chocolate Ice Blended is crafted using only premium cocoa from Ghana, thus creating a rich and creamy chocolate drink. With every sip, you can also experience the full flavour profile! So, if this description is leaving you drooling, then you need to head to your nearest Coffee Bean outlet.

coffee bean & tea leaf 1-for-1
Photo: @thecoffeebean (Facebook)

Or, if you’re still unsure about leaving home, you can have this chocolate-goodness bundle delivered right to your doorsteps! Just order from @grabfoodsg or @deliveroo_sg and have a perfect chocolate indulgence at the comfort of your home.

Photo: @thecoffeebeansg (Facebook)

Don’t Miss Out On An Chocolate Indulgence

Well, what are you waiting for? Satiate your cravings for a cup (or a few) of ice blended Chocolate from Coffee Bean S’pore as they’re only available while stocks last.

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