This Stall At Bukit Batok Serves Thai-Style Kway Chap And Tender Pork Trotter Rice For Less Than $5!

The west has its fair share of hidden foodie gems and Tasty Thai is just one of many! Tucked away at Bukit Batok, Tasty Thai serves up authentic Thai delights at affordable prices for those craving a true taste of Thailand.


Tasty Thai Serves Authentic Thai Favourites At Bukit Batok

Photo: @michellelim_star (Instagram)
Photo: @live2njoy (Instagram)

Rice lovers can give the Thai Pork Knuckle Rice ($4.90) a try. Chopped into large pieces and laid over a scoop of steaming white rice, the savoury pork knuckles are tender and slightly chewy, thanks to the two-hour-long stewing process in the braised soup. Dip into the special in-house made chilli sauce for a delicious burst of flavours.

Affordable Thai-Style Kway Chap And Tender Pork Trotter Rice!

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The star of the show at Tasty Thai is undoubtedly their signature bowls of Thai Kway Chap ($4.90). Unlike Singaporean-style kway chap, the ingredients are served together with the kway in the same bowl here.

Another highlight of the dish are the rolled-up noodle sheets which kept the noodles springy even after they have soaked up all the braised remnants of the soup.

Each sizeable bowl of Kway Chap comes with a generous mix of pork belly, pork skin, pork balls, fish sausage, and braised egg. Those who prefer noodle strands over noodle sheets can go opt for the Pork Trotter Mee Sua ($6.90) which comes topped with a yummy serving of tender and juicy pork.

Photo: @live2njoy (Instagram)

You can add on to your meal with sides of Braised Big Intestine ($5) or Thai Chicken Wing ($6) for a complete Thai experience.

Drop by the west to give Tasty Thai a try today!


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Address: 150 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-246, Kimly Coffeeshop, Singapore 650150

Opening Hours: Daily, 8 am – 8 pm


Cover Photo: Tasty Thai Singapore, @michellelim_star (Instagram), @live2njoy (Instagram)

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