This Famous Halal-Certified Restaurant At Kandahar Street Serves Unique Tulang Merah!

Tash Tish Tosh has been serving Malay and Western fusion food since 2013. Their dishes, however, are grounded in traditional Malay recipes! A lot of their fusion plays around their Tulang Merah- their Tulang Merah Pizza and Pasta for example. Despite being known for their fusion dishes, their most popular dish is their Tulang Merah! Hurry down and have a taste!


Tulang Merah At Kandahar Street

Photo: @TashTishTosh (Facebook)

Their diverse menu is filled with all kinds of combinations. Their most popular would be a dish they named “The Battleship”. This dish is a combination of Malay and Italian cuisine as the dough is made with their homemade Italian dough. It is then topped with their Signature Tulang Merah aka “Red Bone Toolang”. This results in a concoction that is both a feast for the eyes and the belly!

Image: @burgernbacon (Instagram)

The Tulang Merah that fills this creation is stewed slowly, breaking down the meat’s tendons and fat. This also imparts its rich and slightly sweet flavour! The gravy itself is rich, creamy and savoury. All the makings of a great Tulang Merah! But that’s not all, however. Their homemade Italian dough is also amazing! The dough is light and holds the gravy, without getting too soggy. Overall a perfect dish!

Decadent Tulang Merah “Battleship”

Photo: @burgernbacon (Instagram)

For newbies, they even provide instructions on how to properly extract marrow from the bone! A lot of people avoid eating Tulang Merah, mostly because they have trouble extracting the marrow. Also, they provide straws that you can use to extract the marrow as well!

Their Tulang Merah or “Red Bone Toolang” costs $21 with the option of adding another Tulang for $6. Their battleship however comes at three levels. Level 1, the “Battleship” ($23.50) includes two Tulang. Level 2, the “Mothership” ($28.50) includes three Tulang. And lastly, the “Destroyer” ($33.50) includes four Tulang. Also, they have plenty of other dishes from pasta to steaks. At Tash Tish Tosh, the options are endless!


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Head Down To Tash Tish Tosh Today!

Do take note they are only open from 11.00am onwards, making them the perfect lunch and dinner spot if you’re in the area! If you’re ever craving some Tulang Merah- or even western food dishes, this spot is worth checking out! Hurry down today!

Address: 50 Kandahar St, Singapore 198900

Operating Hours: Daily, except for Mon, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.


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Cover Photo: @TashTishTosh (Facebook), @burgernbacon (Instagram)


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