Starbucks Mango Mango Frappucino Is Back Starting 19 June 2019

Starbucks has been releasing many summery drinks recently, so it’s no surprise that they’ve decided to bring back their Mango Mango Frappucino! It is the newest addition to their new Watermelon and Lychee Aloe Frappe and Dark Caramel Coffee Spheres Frappe that were announced earlier this month.

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook)

This Mango Mango Frappe was first released in May 2018 and was a hit with customers. It is made with milk, mango jelly, mango passionfruit juice and topped with whipped cream and mango syrup. It’s super refreshing as a summer drink (which means it’s great for Singapore’s weather all-year round).

Photo: @soyeon.1011 (Instagram)

Foodies with a sweet tooth will love this as it is almost like a dessert-drink. On the other hand, it may be a bit too sweet for those who prefer less-sweet drinks.

Photo: @iceadii (Instagram)

Starbucks’ Mango Mango Frappucino will retail from S$8.80, depending on the size you order: tall, grande or venti. It is back for a limited time only, along with the other summer launches so make sure you try it out before they sell out!

It is already in stores nationwide, starting from 19 June 2019. Check out your nearest Starbucks location here.

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