Special Edition – Pastel Green Choco Mint Pocky, Oreo, Kit Kat & More Now Available!

Ice Ice Baby!

Japanese snacks are all the rage here in Singapore. We can all relate to asking our friends who are going to Japan to bring back some snacks for us, right? The latest trend in Japanese snacks is mint! From Choco Mint Pocky to Mint Kit Kat, you can find tons of mint chocolate Japanese snacks all on Shopee!

Mint Chocolate Flavoured Japanese Snacks!

mint chocolate japanese snacks
Photo: @nataue3 (Instagram)

Have you seen this gorgeous pastel green pocky on your feed? It is the special edition Choco Mint Pocky that was released in Japan, only for the summer. While this Choco Mint Pocky (S$7.80) was only available for purchase in Japan, Shopee has made it possible for us in Singapore to get our hands on it! This beautiful green pocky will be available in limited quantities on Shopee, so make sure to stock up on it. Once it’s gone, it may be gone for good!

mint chocolate japanese snacks
Photo: Shopee

More on mint chocolate, we have the FUJIYA LOOK Mint Chocolate (S$12.55/pack) which comes in a Standard and Super version. The Standard version features mint cream and Ramune (Japanese soda) fizzy candy, while the Super version is filled with fresh mint cream.

Oreo is also joining in on the minty party with their Oreo Crispy Mint Ice (S$17.84/box). Unlike a usual Oreo, these Oreo thins are super thin and crispy. Plus, a thin layer of mint cream is sandwiched between the two cookies, making this treat ultra light and refreshing.

mint chocolate japanese snacks
Photo: Shopee
Photo: Shopee

Don’t we just love the different flavoured Kit Kats? Especially those limited edition flavours that you can’t find here in Singapore! These Kit Kat Mini Amasa Premium Mint (S$9/box) have pieces of mint littered throughout the Kit Kat for your minty pleasure. They also come in a lovely Peach Mint flavour!

Lastly, we have the FUJIYA Hiyashi Country Ma’am Chocolate White Mint Cookies (S$17.84) that is a cool and refreshing snack on a hot day. These cookies showcase mint chocolate chips in a white chocolate mint cookie dough. You can put it in the refrigerator to chill it or freeze it to make it extra extra icy!

Special Edition Pastel Green Choco Mint Pocky, Oreo, Kit Kat & More Now Available Online

Mint may not be favoured by everyone as it is seriously reminiscent of toothpaste, but some people love it. If you love mint chocolate, you have to try the above snacks! They also serve as good food souvenirs and you could totally fool your friends into believing that you actually went to Japan! Get your hands on these mint chocolate snacks via Shopee before they sell out!

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