This Michelin-Recommended Stall At Albert Centre Serves A Mouth-Watering Rojak!

Ever visited Albert Centre? This unassuming hawker center is actually a treasure trove of many hidden gems. Introducing Singapore Famous Rojak, one of the most popular stalls in the hawker centre. Having been featured in the Michelin Guide, there is no doubt you’re in for a delicious treat. For the rojak lovers, this is one stall you definitely can’t miss out on!


Michelin-Recommended Rojak At Albert Centre

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Singapore Famous Rojak has been featured in the Michelin Guide in 2018 and 2019, a true testament to their amazing skills. They continue to draw snaking long queues even to this day with their delectable rojak.

What makes a good rojak you might ask? Well, it first starts off with the fruits. They first off have to be fresh to give sweetness to the dish. Next, chopped and crunchy youtiao and tau pok are added, as well as some turnips, cucumber, and an array of other ingredients. To complete this tasty dish, their signature rojak sauce and ground peanuts are mixed in to elevate the flavours to give you one delectable dish.

Unique And Scrumptious Rojak


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The Rojak ($3) here isn’t served with too much of the typical dark prawn paste sauce like most stalls. Instead, their rojak is drizzled with their homemade dressing which is definitely the highlight of the dish. The dressing is lighter and lies more on the sweet side. The rojak comes with an array of ingredients like pineapple, cucumber, turnip, beansprouts, and your typical youtiao and tau pok.


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Coating every ingredient, the dressing adds a pleasant sweetness to the natural flavour of each ingredient. The flavours are really well-balanced with the spiciness seriously packing a punch. Without being too overpowering, the spice elevates each ingredient as well. Additionally, the ground peanuts add an amazing crunch to each bite. Overall, the sweet-spicy flavours and wonderful textures make this rojak a definite must-try!


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Hurry Try Singapore Famous Rojak Today!

Be sure to head down early if you want to avoid the long queues. Hurry down and try it today!


Address: 270 Queen St, #01-45, Albert Centre, Singapore 180270

Operating Hours: Daily except for Tues, 1:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Cover Photo: @nossieroux (Instagram), @li_wei_aia (Instagram)


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