SIA To Start A New Route From Changi Airport To World’s Best Airport This October


  • Singapore Airlines is planning a new route this October.
  • It will be from Changi Airport to Changi Airport.
  • The flight will be three hours long.

In recent months, it was nearly impossible for Singaporeans to travel around due to the global pandemic. It is safe to say that many people are wishing that they are able to travel, with some of them posting #throwbacks from previous adventures. Well, Singapore Airlines is about to launch something pretty exciting, and we are all here for it. Are you ready for flights to nowhere?

Singapore Airlines’ Latest Route

Photo: @zenplanes (Instagram)

Reported first by The Straits Times, Singapore Airlines is planning to launch ‘flights to nowhere’ by the end of October 2020. That’s right, you will be flying from Changi Airport to Changi Airport. This concept isn’t something entirely new, as it has been introduced by other airlines over the past few months. Adopting this new trend, the new route will be three hours long.

Photo: @jewelchangiairport (Instagram)

Targeting domestic passengers, this is one of the many initiatives for Singapore Airlines to be engaged with customers. It is currently exploring a partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board for this new initiative. With that said, we have so many questions to ask! Will it be weird to be not packing a suitcase at all before heading going to the airport? How much will it cost for a flight ticket?

Happening By The End Of October

Photo: @singaporeair (Instagram)

Hopefully, there are more upcoming announcements! It is truly exciting that Singapore Airlines is trying out something new. Oh, how we have missed the excitement when you stepped into an airport! Boarding time is always the best time. Will you be going to the airport by the end of October? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to tag your adventure buddies!

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