This Popular Stall Serves The Best Fried Carrot Cake At Ghim Moh Food Centre!

Serving up the best Fried Carrot Cake is Ghim Moh Carrot Cake at Ghim Moh Food Centre. What makes them stand out? Let’s take a look!

Popular Stall At Ghim Moh Food Centre

Photo: Singapore Foodie

A popular family-run stall, what makes Ghim Moh Carrot Cake stand out is its handmade carrot cake, unlike most stalls that get theirs from a supplier. Even their chye poh is marinated and prepared from scratch daily!

Image: Singapore Foodie

What’s interesting as well is that their White and Black Carrot Cake are cooked separately, leaving each cook to helm their own station. Offering prices of $3, $4, and $5, the stall also serves a mixed version (black and white) at $5, something not all carrot cake stalls offer.

Black & White Carrot Cake ($5)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Starting with the white carrot cake, the eggs are fried to perfection, giving it a crispy layer on top and a nice eggy taste. The radish cubes are soft and springy, giving them a delightful texture. Compared to other stalls, the chye poh here is a lot more prominent and adds a pleasant crunch to each bite. While there is a subtle kick of spice, a little more heat would have helped to give the dish more oomph.

Image: Singapore Foodie

For the black carrot cake, the radish cubes are slightly firmer than the white version. Sweet and savoury, there is a perfect balance between the flavours, with a hint of sweetness that comes through at the end. Additionally, the sweetness lingers, making it really unique and addictive!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

 Hurry Try Ghim Moh Carrot Cake Today!

While we feel the carrot cake could use more spice and smokiness from the wok hei, it is still nothing short of delicious. Do head down early as the long queues can start as early as 11am. Hurry down for a taste today!

Address: 20 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-16, Ghim Moh Food Centre, Singapore 270020

Operating Hours

  • Wed to Fri, 6.30am to 1pm
  • Sat & Sun, 6.30am to 2pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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