This Popular Stall At Haig Road Serves One Of The Best Kentang Ball In S’pore

When we think of potatoes – we either think of fries, mashed potatoes, or even begedil, also known as a potato patty! However, have you heard of Kentang Ball or potato ball, which is a so-called XL version of a potato patty? If you’re a huge potato fan, perhaps this is the time for you to head down to Rosy & Nora to give this potato dish a try!

Kentang Ball Store At Haig Road

Image: Singapore Foodie


Located at Haig Road Market & Food Centre, Rosy & Nora has been operating for many years. They serve up quite a variety of authentic Malay dishes and their version of burgers!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Priced at $4.50, the Kentang Ball served here is worth every dollar spent! The kentang ball is humongous and is filled with loads of ingredients such as minced beef and onions! There are also pieces of beef ribs in the hot pepper beef broth, so this dish is definitely suitable for all meat lovers out there!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Though it is similar to how a begedil is made, the kentang ball has a slightly different taste! This can be due to the fact that the kentang ball is soaked in a hot pepper beef broth – allowing the potatoes to absorb a peppery taste and become significantly more flavourful in this dish! Additionally, the potato is also not as mashed as the potatoes we usually eat when we get a begedil. It is more on the crunchier side – similar to a baked potato texture.

Image: Singapore Foodie

The broth in this dish plays a very important role because it balances out the flavours of this dish! Though it is a peppery broth, there is also a tinge of sourness! Though it may sound odd, it somehow works out very well and complements the kentang ball. Interestingly, the spicy sensation gradually increases as we dig into the dish! It was quite an addictive taste!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Head to Rosy and Nora today!

For meat and potato lovers out there, this dish is for you! If you’re somehow around the corner, do drop by Rosy and Nora! Not many Malay stalls serve this dish, so head on over to give it a taste at Rosy & Nora when you can! However, do be prepared to queue a little as there’s usually a crowd as it is a rather popular eatery in the area.

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Address: 14 Haig Road Singapore 430014

Operating hours: Daily except Tues, 2:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie, @chairmanvoong (Instagram)

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